Take Charge: The Bluetti EP900 Home Power System Protects You From Outages and Rising Energy Costs

Power outages and expensive electricity bills may be inevitable, but their negative effects are not. A backup home power system keeps you always up and running, with money-saving efficiency.
The Bluetti EP900 Home Power System outside of home

Photo: Courtesy of Bluetti

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Summertime is fun time, but it also comes with bouts of extreme heat in many areas. That often leads to increased demand on the power grid, especially during peak daylight hours, which may cause unexpected power brownouts and blackouts. If the rate of extreme weather events keeps up, homes will be susceptible to losing power from natural disasters and winter storms.

Luckily, you do not have to be caught unprepared. Portable backup batteries and generators can help you get through power outages, but what if you could have a full home power system with enough juice to keep your appliances and home office running during even the worst power outages? Good news: you can.

Robust energy storage systems (ESS) like the new Bluetti EP900 with B500 expansion battery packs offer a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for keeping your home running during outages, compatibility with new or existing solar systems, the opportunity to sell power back to the grid, and most importantly, peace of mind for you and your family.

Emergency Backup and Solar-Backed Cost Savings

The Bluetti EP900 Home Power System under patio pergola outside of home
Photo: Courtesy of Bluetti

On its own, the Bluetti EP900 delivers an unprecedented 9kW of continuous output, at either 120V or 240V, making it perfect for high-wattage devices like your workshop’s power tools. But the EP900 is also fully modular for amplifying with B500 expansion battery packs. An EP900 with two B500 units delivers up to 9.9kWh—or 19.8kWh when paired with four B500 units. For ultimate energy storage, combine two EP900s with eight B500s for 18kW of output and 39.6kWh—much more than any portable power station and enough to keep your refrigerator and kitchen appliances, lights, TVs, air conditioners, and other machines humming during downtime.

However, when combined with an existing or new solar panel array, an EP900 home power system becomes a cost-efficient part of your daily energy use, rather than just a backup system for emergencies. For example, the solar system can feed the B500 units excess solar energy mainly during morning and afternoon hours, allowing you to use the Bluetti system during expensive peak hours (around 4–10 pm) to save money on electricity bills. You can set up this Peak Load Shifting conveniently from the Bluetti app, which also lets you monitor power consumption and charging status, and performs system updates over the EP900’s built-in Wi-Fi.

The Bluetti EP900 is even certified to sell electricity back to the grid where local utilities allow it. Using an EP900 ESS combined with solar panels, you can save up to an estimated $8,000 in electricity costs over 10 years. And you’re assured of the system’s longevity with its 10-year warranty. The EP900 and B500 units confidently last so long because they use LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which run 4-6 times longer than the more common Li-ion batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are also safer to run at high capacity for extended periods without fatiguing like Li-ion batteries do.

Hassle-Free Installation—Indoors or Out

The Bluetti EP900 Home Power System inside a home
Photo: Courtesy of Bluetti

With their rugged aluminum shells, the EP900 and B500 units are IP65 weather-rated, meaning they are waterproof and totally protected against dust and debris. So if you don’t have space for them in your garage or laundry room, they are fine to be installed outside. Adding a protective case makes them sure to maintain optimal performance even in the harshest possible weather conditions.

Don’t want to bother with installing these heavy-duty power blocks? Don’t worry. Bluetti can provide you with certified installers.

Power to the People

The Bluetti EP900 Home Power System outside of home with swimming pool
Photo: Courtesy of Bluetti

Bluetti has earned the trust of millions of customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. Its EP600/B500 home power system introduced for Europe at the end of 2022 has made thousands of families energy-secure. Now the EP900/B500 system built expressly for US specifications will be available to American homes in late April or early May. Whether you use it for full-home emergency backup or for daily energy savings and selling power back to the grid, a robust option like the EP900 and B500 home battery system not only makes sense but it can make you dollars too.

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