Bob Vila Radio: Painting Garage Floors

Perhaps the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to make your garage less grim is by painting the concrete floor with either regular paint or epoxy.

Paint Garage Floor


Your garage may be your workshop, your storeroom, your potting shed or the place where you showcase your automotive pride and joy. Although you may have spent lots of time sprucing up your garage walls, windows, and doors, chances are you haven’t spent any time beautifying the floor. But the truth is, a little attention to the floor can go a long way to making your garage a more comfortable place.


Listen to BOB VILA ON PAINTING GARAGE FLOORS or read the text below:

If you have a plain concrete floor that’s relatively flat and level, the easiest way to spruce it up is by painting. A coat of floor paint is an instant upgrade—you can even stencil in a fun design, if you’re feeling ambitious. There are also epoxy coating kits that are great for hiding small imperfections, and you get to throw down a shower of color chips when you’re done to create the final confetti finish.

Before applying either paint or epoxy, you’ll want to be sure the floor is as clean and dry as possible. You may need to bleach or even use an etching compound to get the concrete ready for its new coat. Fill any cracks before you paint, and be sure to open windows and run a fan while you work to keep the garage well ventilated.

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