8 Things Every Pool Owner Needs in Their Cabana or Pool House 

These essential items will improve your time in the sun this summer.

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It’s that time of year again! The weather is warm, the pool is open, and guests flock to your house. As the pool parties fill your calendar, here’s one thing to consider: What are the essentials you might want to stock up on to get your cabana or pool house in tip-top shape in time for those summer events? What will guests need to feel comfortable at your house? What will make you the ultimate pool-owning host? 

From Turkish towels and rolling coolers to tiny umbrellas for cell phones, I’ve curated a list of cabana-friendly items that will make you the host with the most this season. Read on to see the items every pool owner needs on hand this season. 

1. Cotton Rope Woven Baskets With Handles

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Cotton Rope Woven Baskets With Handles
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Pool owners like me know that pools plus guests mean lots of towels. This three-pack of woven baskets is a great solution to the constant rotation of towels that accompanies both planned and impromptu pool parties. Use one basket for fresh towels (rolling them up and setting them out for guests is a great and tidy solution) and a second basket for used towels, which can be quickly transported back inside at the end of the day for laundry duty. It’s my ultimate hack for streamlining work on a busy summer day. A third basket can be on standby when unexpected guests pop in for a swim. 

Get the Comfy-Homi Cotton Rope Woven Baskets (3-pack) at Amazon for $34.99.

2. Inflatable Pool Chairs 

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Inflatable Pool Chairs
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If you’re looking for a pool float that can fit into your pool house or cabana at the end of the day, check out this four-pack of adult pool floats. These inflatable floats with cup holders provide a fun way to enjoy relaxing in the pool. They can also be deflated for storage within your pool house and cabana when not in use (there’s nothing I love more than not having to look at a pool full of floats when guests aren’t over). 

Get the Oksuwater Inflatable Pool Chairs With Cup Holders (4-pack) at Amazon for $45.99.

3. Rolling Cart on Wheels

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Rolling Cart on Wheels
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Keep drinks cool by the pool with a handy rolling cooler. The Vingli rolling cart on wheels can hold up to 100 aluminum cans and keeps drinks cold for up to 48 hours (it also comes in eight different colors). It’s easy to wheel out when entertaining and leave it in your cabana when it’s not in use. And I can attest—this multipurpose cooler looks great and allows everyone to enjoy ice-cold drinks on a hot day. 

Get the Vingli 80-Quart Rolling Cart on Wheels at Amazon for $125.09.

4. Turkish Beach Towels

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Turkish Beach Towels
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Instead of asking guests to arrive with towels, make them feel at home at your pool with these Turkish beach towels. I love that they come in a set of six, roll up easily, and are beautiful to look at, meaning my poolscape is as pretty as a picture on a hot summer day. Made from cotton, these towels are soft and can be washed in the washing machine. They’re also highly absorbent and make a lovely addition to your poolside. 

Get the Havluland Turkish Beach Towels (set of 6) for $46.90.

5. Floating Drink Holder 

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Floating Drink Holder
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Offer guests a place to set their drinks while taking a dip with a floating drink holder. This floating table can accommodate multiple drinks, a bottle of wine, and snacks while your guests enjoy the serenity of pool time (bonus: less work for me). When not in use, it can be stored easily in your pool house or cabana. 

Get the Diveblast Floating Tray for Pools at Amazon for $26.97.

6. Waterproof Wet Bag

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Waterproof Wet Bag
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Keep a few of these inexpensive waterproof wet bags in your cabana this summer. They’re perfect for guests who need to change out of their wet bathing suits and don’t want to get cars, bags, or clothing soaked on the way home. I’m always surprised by how handy these are at the end of a summer day. They come in various colors and patterns and can be thrown in the washing machine after use. 

Get the Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag at Amazon for $11.95.

7. Phone Umbrella 

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Phone Umbrella
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Everyone knows cell phones can’t be used for too long in the sun, but here’s a fun workaround: a tiny phone umbrella. It shields your phone from getting too hot and comes in five colorways (with some available in two-packs). Pick up a few for guests to use while they’re visiting, and if you’re like me, you may end up using them for yourself, too. 

Get the NTidea Phone Umbrella at Amazon for $14.99.

8. Cooling Cups

Things Every Pool Owner Needs Option Cooling Cups
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These cooling cups have insulated walls filled with a proprietary cooling gel. When frozen, the cups work as a wine chiller, cooling drinks and keeping them cold for hours. An ideal pairing for hot days and cool drinks, these cups are a must-have for every pool house or cabana. My guests and I agree that these cups are ideal for poolside lounging. 

Get the Host 8.5-Ounce Cooling Cups (set of 4) at Amazon for $32.56.


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