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16 Cheap Halloween Decorations for $10 or Less

Get your house Halloween ready with these affordable—and sometimes frightfully spooky—decorations.
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cheap Halloween decorations

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Seize the spirit this Halloween season and deck your house with ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and more. We have plenty of Halloween decorating ideas for you, both store-bought and homemade. Best of all, with these affordable buys—all $10 or less—you don’t have to spend a ton on once-a-year decor. Check out this collection of our favorite cheap Halloween decorations that will help you get your house, inside and out, into the spirit of this spooky season.

Editors Note: Some of our favorite Halloween decorations are on sale for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event including the Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophies  for $6.39,the Zpisf Spider Webs Decorations on Amazon for $9.99, and the 6” Halloween Skeleton Decoration  for $9.99.

1. Hyde and EEK! Boutique Lace Halloween Tablecloth

cheap Halloween decorations

If you’re planning a Halloween party, don’t let your kitchen table get covered with melted chocolate, sticky apple cider, or messy crumbs. Instead, create a protective barrier with a webbed black tablecloth from Hyde and EEK! Boutique. The spider-web motif sets an elegantly spooky mood, and the lacy tablecloth can be draped on top of a solid one for extra protection.

Get the Hyde and EEK! Boutique Lace Halloween Tablecloth at Target for $10

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2. 138-Piece TMCCE Halloween Window Clings

cheap Halloween decorations

No time to carve a ghoulish design or etch a creative message into your hollowed-out pumpkin this Halloween? Decorating your front porch to attract trick-or-treaters can’t get cheaper—or easier—than purchasing a set of gel clings that press to your window in seconds. As a bonus, visitors will get a creepy thrill from the glow of the bat eyes that watch their every move.

Get the 138-Piece TMCCE Halloween Window Clings on Amazon for $9.99

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3. Fun Express Plastic Spiders

cheap Halloween decorations

Amp up the fear factor on a swath of decorative cobwebs or sprinkle a little terror on the drinks table at your next kid-friendly party with lifelike plastic spiders. Wherever you need a dose of fright, a few of these plastic critters will do the trick. Because they’re sold in a pack of 144, you’ll have more than enough to stealthily display in the dark corners of your haunted Halloween house or to hide in a candy bowl for a scary-fun surprise.

Get the Fun Express Plastic Spiders on Amazon for $7

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4. Hyde and EEK! Boutique Yard Stake Skeleton Hands and Feet

cheap Halloween decorations

As you’re winterizing your garden beds this October, be careful not to trip over any skeleton bones. These plastic skeleton yard stakes are sold as a pair of feet or set of arms (arms and feet sold separately). Fortunately, this skeleton seems to be friendly: He just wants to give you two thumbs up for your Halloween decor.

Get the Hyde and EEK! Boutique Yard Stake Skeleton Hands and Feet at Target for $7 per set

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5. Halloween Paper Bats Set

cheap Halloween decorations

While you typically wouldn’t want to see a colony of bats fluttering around inside your house, these whimsical paper bats are an exception. This set includes 10 large, 10 medium, and 5 small bats that can be attached to your wall with tape or hung with string. Get creative and customize them with black glitter or painted details, or spook out your visitors by dangling the bats from chandeliers or having them hover over the fireplace. Frightened guests will think that bats are swooping around your house.

Get the Halloween Paper Bats Set from TaraMichelleHome on Etsy for $7.77

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6. A Bubbling Cauldron

cheap Halloween decorations

With a few dollars’ worth of felt, you can make cute little witch cauldrons like those created by Etsy merchant QuirkyOwlDesigns. These cheap DIY Halloween decorations are super easy to make. To ensure uniform shapes and sizes, make paper stencils and trace them onto the felt using light chalk. Cut out the shapes and assemble the pieces with your trusty glue gun for a versatile, cheerful decoration. Hang them in the window, write names on them in fabric paint for personalized place settings, or use a bunch of them to create a festive DIY Halloween garland or banner.

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7. Kangaroo Stretchy Spider Web

cheap Halloween decorations

Give your porch or living room a creepy, haunted-house look with a stretchable spider web that can be spread out to cover up to 800 square feet. Wrap it around tables and chairs or attach it to trees, walls, or posts with tape or thumbtacks for a spectacularly eerie, spidery effect. Along with the web, the package includes eight spiders.

Get the Kangaroo Stretchy Spider Web on Amazon for $9.95

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8. AerWo Halloween Burlap Table Runner

cheap Halloween decorations

Whether used on a hall table, dining table, or craft table, a Halloween-themed table runner is sure to make your spooky celebration more festive. At over 6 feet long, this runner is bound to fit most tables, and it’s made from rustic burlap for an autumnal touch. Depicting Halloween favorites like the Grim Reaper, witches, and giant spiders, this runner will make your holiday table more attractive and your decorating faster and easier.

Get the AerWo Halloween Burlap Table Runner on Amazon for $7.99

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9. PrintableVictorian Apothecary Labels

cheap Halloween decorations

A well-respected witch always keeps the pantry stocked with bat eyes, moldy grapes, brain juice, and other savory ingredients to create the perfect brew. Delight—or gross out—guests with these printable Victorian apothecary labels that will have your visitors wondering what’s really in those bottles and jars.

Get the printable Victorian Apothecary Labels from VectoriaDesigns on Etsy for $2.88

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10. Black Twisted Taper Beeswax Candles

cheap Halloween decorations

This two-pack of candles will fit standard taper candle holders to create the perfect gothic centerpiece for your Halloween dinner table. Alternatively, you can use them for mantel or windowsill decor. Each candle measures 7 inches in height and will provide hours of spooky illumination.

Get the Black Twisted Taper Beeswax Candles from HappyHoneyBeeCo on Etsy for $8.79

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11. Bloody Handprint Hand Towels

cheap Halloween decorations

Decorating for an older, bolder audience? Make your home look like a horror movie set with this simple bloody handprint craft. Armed with dollar store towels and either fabric or acrylic paints, you can make a DIY version of this design created by Etsy seller UnicornTrendz.

Coat the palm of your hand with red paint, perhaps mixed with a small amount of black or raw umber for a more realistic color, and go to town on the towel. Don’t forget to paint the drip marks! If you’re using acrylics, after the paint dries, set the design with an iron or throw the towel in the dryer on the highest setting.

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12. Spooky Shadows

cheap Halloween decorations

Artistic silhouettes of classic Halloween images, these painted wooden plaques make a lovely addition to your holiday decor. Choose from a winged bat, a black cat, a leafless tree, a wise old owl, a witch in flight, or a spooky graveyard scene. All plaques feature black paint on a yellow-orange background that’s reminiscent of a full moon.

Get the Halloween Moon Silhouette Sign from TreesHolidayToday on Etsy for $8

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13. Aneco Halloween Pumpkin Lawn Leaf Bags

cheap Halloween decorations

If the first autumn leaves have already fallen in your neck of the woods, try this: Rake some leaves into heaping piles, then instead of bagging them up like you usually do, pack them into festive, bright orange jack-o’-lantern lawn bags. Hey, if you’re going to be cleaning up outdoors anyway, why not do a little decorating in the process? Not only will you save a little time, but you also stand a chance of getting your kids to help out with the lawn work for once!

Get the Aneco Halloween Pumpkin Lawn Leaf Bags on Amazon for $6.29

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14. TISTON 6” Halloween Skeleton Decoration (12 Pieces) 

Halloween Skeleton Decoration

No bones about it: A dozen miniature (six-inch) skeletons are as silly as they are spooky! They are lightweight enough to string up for a unique garland during the scary season or stick in a fall wreath, adorn a candy bowl, or top a themed cake.

Get the TISTON 6” Halloween Skeleton Decoration on Amazon for $9.99

15. Zpisf Spider Webs Decorations

Halloween Spider Webs Decorations

Transform your home into a haunted house, both indoors and out, with 1400 square feet of spooky spider webs and a bonus of 150 fake spiders. These ultra-stretchable webs provide a spine-chilling touch to plants, furniture, walls, windows, and any other surface you want to make Halloween-ready.

Get the Zpisf Spider Webs Decorations on Amazon for $9.99

16. SHMILMH Halloween Candles Holder Set

Halloween Candles Holder Set of 4

Add a unique touch to your Halloween decor with this set of four 100 percent handmade mosaic glass pumpkin tealight holders. Pair them with any standard tealight, votive, or LED light with a diameter of 2 inches or less to create a candlelit glow on tables, in bathrooms, and over the fireplace. They look beautiful during the day and at night and make a great gift!

Get the SHMILMH Halloween Candles Holder Set on Amazon for $9.99

17. Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophy (Set of 6)

Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophy

Everyone loves an awards show, and with this set of six skeleton trophies, you can host a Halloween-themed one in your classroom or at your party! This bundle of gold-painted plastic skeletons includes adhesive stickers with awards for ‘Scariest Costume,’ ‘Funniest Costume,’ ‘Best Costume,’ ‘Most Original Costume,’ ‘Sparkliest Costume,’ and ‘Coolest Costume.’ Send everyone home with a prize that won’t give them a sugar high or stomachache!

Get the Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophies on Amazon for $6.39

The prices listed here are accurate as of an October 11, 2023 update.