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10 of the Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the U.S.

Looking to buy your own piece of the American pie? Here’s where your dollars will go the farthest.
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Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, or invest in a parcel on which to park your RV and enjoy the great outdoors, the dream starts with having a slice of land to call your own. The pandemic and the rise of remote work have especially increased the need for many to find more space and live in cost-efficient areas. For those who dread the cold, the good news is many of the cheaper land listings tend to be in the southern half of the U.S, according to the listings for sale on

If you’re looking for a place to spread out, don’t mind a remote location, and would consider moving to a warmer climate, these 10 areas are worth considering—and they won’t break the bank.

1. Hot Springs, Arkansas

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While residents of this state are no strangers to tornadoes, Arkansas is also known for its parks and wilderness areas, including caves and hot springs. In Hot Springs, Ark., $750 will buy you a whole acre. Hot Springs is located 50 miles east of Little Rock in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs National Park. This land is located in a residential community, so buyers can build their home and enjoy the perks of a neighborhood while having plenty of space and nature surrounding them.

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2. Mohave County, Arizona

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If the Grand Canyon and riding ATVs across the desert sounds like a dream, look no further than Mohave County, Ariz. For $3,500, you can buy five acres of land located in Topock, Ariz., in the northwestern part of the state, not far from the historic Route 66. The land is zoned for residential or agriculture, but buyers should keep in mind this land does not have utilities available and a septic system is required. If those drawbacks don’t faze you, you could buy your own piece of the desert for whatever adventures you choose.

3. Kanosh, Utah

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Buyers interested in finding a wide-open space to spread out and enjoy the peace, can buy this 5-acre property for $4,900 in Kanosh, Utah. Kanosh is located in central Utah and is a little more than two hours south of Salt Lake City. The property listing says the land is full of elk, deer, and other wildlife, making this a perfect spot for hunters or nature lovers. Just be sure to stock up on gas, groceries, and other essentials first, since the nearest gas station is more than 20 minutes away.

4. Valencia County, New Mexico

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One acre for $1,500? How about 5.2 acres for $8,850? Just look in Valencia County, N.M., located about an hour from Albuquerque. Valencia County may not offer a rocking nightlife or things to do, but there are multiple parcels of land for sale, and some are part of upcoming housing developments. If being the first investor on the block isn’t your thing, you could consider investing in the land until development expands and another buyer is ready to buy your property. Or, bring your camper or RV and enjoy the wide open space to yourself.

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5. Fort Hancock, Texas

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas, like this big deal of a 5-acre property in West Texas for $3,900. That’s less than $850 per acre! Fort Hancock is a town of about 1,200 and is located in West Texas, just over the border from Mexico and 50 miles from El Paso. (If the town’s name rings a bell, it might be because it’s mentioned in The Shawshank Redemption. It’s where Andy tells Red to take the bus to cross into Mexico.) This parcel of land is zoned for residential, so buyers could build their dream home, park an RV or use the land for other recreational activities.

6. Royalton, Kentucky

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In eastern Kentucky, buyers can check out 3.8 acres of residential land for $4,900 to live among the rolling hills and woods. Royalton, Ky., is about 100 miles southeast of Lexington and 70 miles west of the Kentucky-West Virginia state line. The majority of this parcel of land is on a hillside, but the listing says there’s just enough room to build a modest homestead. Buyers should note that this rural spot is near 30 acres of strip-mined property.

7. Edwards, Missouri

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For those looking for property near the lake, $4,500 will get you just over 3.5 acres of land near the Lake of the Ozarks in Edwards, Mo. This land is off of Forbes Lake of the Ozarks in a gated community and has plenty of fishing and wildlife surrounding it. This area in central Missouri features many lakefront attractions and camping options, so buyers should plan for tourists in the summer months.

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8.  Lanark, Illinois

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Two lots combined into one property offers a great opportunity for a buyer looking to settle in the quiet town of Lanark, Ill., located in the northwest corner of the Prairie State. For $1,500, buyers can purchase this 1.11-acre lot and have plenty of space to build their dream home within a community complex near Lake Carroll. Snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts will also enjoy the large yard and easy access to the residential community’s trail system. Lanark is about a two-hour drive from Chicago and an hour drive from Rockford, enabling a not-too-far trip to bigger cities for shopping and entertainment.

9. Sun Valley, Arizona

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Just under 200 miles northeast of Phoenix in Navajo County lies an 8.8-acre plot of land available for $4,900. This land is near the Petrified Forest National Park and could be used for ranching or a spacious residence. Buyers have to be comfortable with heat and desert, as Sun Valley averages 90-plus-degree Fahrenheit temperatures in the summer months. But for those who enjoy the dry heat and sunshine, this spot could be a perfect fit.

10. Deming, New Mexico

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Carve out your own spot with a view of the mountains in Deming, N.M., where you can get an acre for $1,500. Located about 35 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, this remote desert spot is no stranger to high heat. Property owners who want to live here should be comfortable with the quiet and wide open spaces, but a short drive will take you into the town of Deming for restaurants, businesses, and the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum, home to a diverse collection of pottery crafted by people indigenous to the area.