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How Much Does It Cost to Pressure-Wash a Deck? (2024 Guide)

A clean deck makes for an inviting space. The cost to pressure-wash a deck falls between $100 and $250, with the national average at $150 depending on the size, material, and condition.
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  • The average cost to pressure-wash a deck is $150, though a typical range is $100 to $250. 
  • The size, material, and condition of the deck; labor costs; and any needed repairs or staining work will influence how much it costs to pressure-wash a deck.
  • Pressure-washing a deck is much faster than hand-scrubbing, not to mention it increases a deck’s lifespan and decreases mold and mildew growth.
  • While there are consumer pressure washers available, homeowners tend to hire a pro for this job to ensure they don’t damage the deck material and to save themselves time.
Need to power wash or pressure-wash a deck?
Let a pro handle a tough job for you. Talk to top-rated local experts about your project and get quotes.

Decks experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. Whether there’s mold growth, grease splatters, peeling paint or stain, or marks made by skidding chair legs, there can be a lot to clean. Pressure-washing the deck is a great way to restore its original beauty or prepare it for staining, painting, or sealing. According to Angi and HomeAdvisor, the cost to pressure-wash a deck typically falls between $100 and $250, with a national average cost of $150. Some professionals may charge up to $500 if the deck has years of stubborn dirt and mildew built up.

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Key Cost Factors

Pressure-washing a deck can be a great way to start off the season with a clean space for entertaining and relaxing all summer long. It’s also a common task to help prepare the deck for a new coat of paint or stain. The major factors to consider when calculating the cost to pressure- wash a deck include the size of the deck, the material and condition, and the labor costs of a professional pressure-washing service.

Need to power wash or pressure-wash a deck?
Let a pro handle a tough job for you. Talk to top-rated local experts about your project and get quotes.

Deck Size

Decks are usually measured in square feet, so the cost to pressure-wash a deck typically falls between $0.30 and $0.40 per square foot, which is similar to the cost to power-wash a deck. This means that the cost to pressure-wash a 500-square-foot deck would be between $150 and $200. The larger the deck, the more it will cost, though it’s possible that pressure-washing a smaller deck in poor condition would cost more than average. This is often the case if hand- scrubbing is needed.

Deck Material and Condition

The deck material impacts the final cost since each material requires different pressure levels or cleaning products to adequately clean it. Easy-to-clean materials (such as aluminum) likely won’t need as much scrubbing since the high pressure of water will wash away most of the gunk and grime. The cost to pressure-wash a 500-square-foot aluminum deck averages $165. 

Pressure-washing soft woods or composite materials may take more time, which correlates to a higher cost. Softer woods require less pressure to avoid damage, so a 500-square-foot deck made of softer wood has an average pressure-washing cost of $190 due to the extra time and care needed. Hardwoods can withstand higher pressure, so pressure-washing decks made of harder woods may cost less. Composite materials can require extra scrubbing with a brush to ensure a quality finish, which can increase the cost to around $100 to $150 for a 300-square- foot deck.

The deck’s condition also impacts the cost. If cleaning or pressure-washing is done on a regular basis, the cost may be on the lower end. A filthy deck that hasn’t been cleaned in a while will have a higher price point. According to Gina Nordsieck, co-owner of Handyman Connection in Boise, Idaho, “If a deck has a lot of grease and grime stains from a [barbecue], it may be more expensive to pressure-wash because more time and effort, along with certain cleaning agents, may be needed.”  


The labor costs to pressure-wash a deck may be charged by the hour or by the square foot. Some contractors will charge a minimum base rate, then charge for additional square footage. For instance, a pro may charge $100 for a 300-square-foot deck and an additional $0.30 per square foot beyond that. Homeowners will want to talk with the contractor before signing a contract to make sure their pricing structure is clear and there aren’t any surprise charges. 

A person pressure-washes a deck.
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Additional Costs and Considerations

While pressure-washing a deck seems pretty straightforward, there are circumstances to consider for the sake of protecting the deck and complying with environmental regulations. Any necessary deck repairs will add to the pressure-washing cost, as will the cost to stain and seal the deck. Wastewater permits may be necessary depending on the cleaning agents used or how much paint is released during the process. It may also make sense to add on other pressure- washing projects around the house while the contractor is already on-site.

Need to power wash or pressure-wash a deck?
Let a pro handle a tough job for you. Talk to top-rated local experts about your project and get quotes.

Deck Repairs

Before scheduling a deck pressure-wash job, it’s important to inspect the deck for damage since the pressure from the power washer can exacerbate any existing issues, such as splintered or rotted boards. Repairing a deck might include replacing damaged boards, tightening or replacing loose screws, and installing new rails or ballusts. Deck repair costs typically fall between $859 and $3,321, depending on the extent of the damage, the decking material, the size of the deck, and labor costs.

Deck Staining and Sealing

Many homeowners plan to stain and seal the deck after pressure-washing. This finishing process can cost between $800 and $900 for staining and sealing, depending on the size, type of stain and sealant, and labor costs. While staining and sealing a deck comes at an additional cost, it’s an essential step for preserving the wood and keeping the deck in good condition. If preferred, homeowners can evaluate the cost to paint the deck if they’d rather paint instead of stain and seal.

Wastewater Permits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established Effluent Guidelines—standards that dictate how wastewater should be treated. Depending on the amount of water used, the runoff’s collecting point, the cleaning agents used, and the quantity of paint removed, the contractor may need to obtain wastewater permits. The pressure- or power- washing company will be able to determine which, if any, wastewater permits are needed for the project. It’s advisable for homeowners to verify that the pressure-washing company is familiar with local restrictions and permits. 

Additional Pressure-Washing Projects

If pressure-washing the deck is already on the to-do list, homeowners may want to look at adding other pressure-washing projects. Dirt, grime, mold, and mildew can accumulate on many different outdoor surfaces including household siding, sheds, patios, walkways, driveways, garage floors, and more. It’s possible that a pro will offer a volume discount on the cost of pressure-washing the house when combined with the cost of pressure-washing the deck.
If the deck is being washed in preparation for a new coat of sealant or if the stains and dirt on the deck are very stubborn, power-washing may be necessary. Power-washing a deck also uses a high-pressure stream of water, but the water is heated, which can help remove grease or other stuck-on grime. The average cost to power-wash a deck falls between $90 and $770, which is a wider range than the cost of pressure-washing.

Pressure-Washing ProjectAverage Cost (Materials and Labor)
Driveway$100 to $500
Fence$100 to $350
Garage floor$100 to $200
Gutters$50 to $300
House$150 to $750
Patio$100 to $250
Roof$250 to $700
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Cost by Type of Deck Material

Each type of decking material stands up differently to wear and tear, not to mention the intensity of pressure-washing. Common deck materials include composite, metal, and wood. How each type withstands high water pressure can determine the final cost to pressure-wash a deck. 


Composite decking is durable and stain-resistant, but it can’t withstand the same water pressure that a metal deck can. A professional pressure-wash service will know the right level of pressure to use during the cleaning process. Matthew Baratta, vice president of operations at Daimer Industries in Lawrence, Massachusetts, advises, “Nonporous decks made out of Trex, for example, do well with between 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure and a flow rate of about 1.5 to 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM), which is standard for many consumer-grade pressure washers.” 

Typically, pressure-washing a composite deck involves lightly scrubbing the surface throughout the process to ensure all of the dirt and grime is lifted from the deck and then washed away. Since cleaning a composite deck may take more time than cleaning metal or wood decking, the average cost could range between $100 and $210.


Metal decking costs the least to clean since it can withstand high pressure that allows dirt and grime to come off quickly. For stubborn dirt or grease, one of the best deck cleaners can help remove the residue from the deck material—often without scrubbing. The cost to pressure-wash a metal deck between 300 and 500 square feet averages $100 to $165.


Wood decks can be tricky to pressure-wash since the intense pressure can cause the wood to crack or splinter, depending on the condition of the deck. Pressure-washing can also strip away paint and sealant, which may be intentional if repainting or resealing is part of the plan. If not, then a lower pressure is ideal to clean away dirt while preserving the finish. 

Even if the paint or stain needs to be removed, it’s important not to damage the wood during the cleaning process. Due to the additional time and skill it takes to pressure-wash a wood deck, homeowners often pay between $100 and $200.

Cost to Pressure-Wash a Deck
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Benefits of Pressure-Washing a Deck

Besides creating a clean space where homeowners can enjoy summer nights, pressure-washing a deck offers other benefits. Time savings, an increased lifespan, decreased mold and mildew, and increased property value are all incentives to keep the deck sparkling clean with regular pressure-washing. 

Need to power wash or pressure-wash a deck?
Let a pro handle a tough job for you. Talk to top-rated local experts about your project and get quotes.

Time Savings

While getting down on hands and knees to scrub the deck may cost less than hiring pressure- or power-washing services, it can take a substantial amount of time and effort. To avoid back-breaking and labor-intensive work, most homeowners prefer to hire a pressure-washing service. Outsourcing this task greatly reduces the time it takes to get the deck clean and ready for a new season, which allows homeowners to focus on activities they prefer to spend time doing. 

Increased Deck Lifespan

Properly power-washing a deck is one of the best ways to increase the deck’s lifespan. Anthony Kulikowski, franchise owner of Five Star Painting in South Bend, Indiana, a Neighborly Company, points out that “[pressure-washing] can help to keep your deck free from mildew or mold, which can cause rot and decay if it is not cleaned or remediated. Keeping your deck clean will ultimately give it a longer life by not allowing organic matter such as mold or mildew to slowly deteriorate the decking over time.” 

Between $4,347 and $12,481 is about how much it costs to build a deck, so that deck is an investment that’s worth protecting with regular maintenance. Inspecting and preparing a deck for pressure-washing can help homeowners identify other problems such as loose, warped, or damaged boards. The faster these issues are repaired, the longer the deck will last and be safe to use. 

Decreased Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew thrive in damp conditions, so if there are moist areas of the deck that don’t get much sunlight, it’s likely that mold and mildew will grow there. Regular pressure-washing can remove mold and mildew and restore the deck to its former beauty. In some cases, mold and mildew grow in the cracks of the boards and may not be visible immediately, but pressure- washing can remove it there as well.

Increased Property Value

If homeowners are preparing their home to put on the market, then power-washing the deck might be an important step on the to-do list. Well-maintained decks can increase a home’s value, but potential buyers may be put off by a deck covered in mold or grime and decrease their offer. If the deck is freshly cleaned, sealed, and inviting, it can encourage potential buyers to offer more for the property since the space will be immediately ready to use when they move in.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

For homeowners who have the right experience and equipment, pressure-washing can be a DIY job. Additionally, there are consumer models of the best pressure washers available for purchase. Baratta notes, “Compared to a pressure washer with 1,500 PSI, a garden hose only has about 40 to 80 PSI. Depending on how dirty the deck is, you will likely have to supplement [the garden hose] with other equipment, such as scrubbing brushes and soapy water, to help lift any grease or tough grime.” This can make for a labor-intensive process that a homeowner may not be willing or able to do.

Kulikowski recommends hiring a professional, especially if the homeowner is preparing the deck for staining. He says that “using the incorrect pressure washer and/or tip can damage your deck and cost more than the savings of doing it yourself.” 
Hiring a professional to pressure-wash a deck saves homeowners time and effort. Most importantly, it ensures the deck will not be damaged by improper pressure or cleaning agents that aren’t appropriate for the decking material. Pros are also knowledgeable about local environmental restrictions and permits that may apply to the project. The best power-washing companies (such as Men in Kilts and Window Gang) offer a variety of services and often have years of experience for a high-quality result.

Need to power wash or pressure-wash a deck?
Let a pro handle a tough job for you. Talk to top-rated local experts about your project and get quotes.

How to Save Money

While the cost of pressure-washing the deck likely won’t break the bank, it never hurts to save some money. There are several tips for homeowners to save on the cost to pressure-wash a deck.

  • Set a maintenance schedule. Keeping up with regular deck maintenance like cleaning and repairing on an annual basis can extend the lifespan and investment. It also makes each pressure-washing visit cheaper since there’s less time for stubborn grime to build up that may require hand-scrubbing.
  • Obtain multiple quotes. Homeowners are encouraged to get quotes from at least three pressure-washing professionals to compare rates and services. 
  • DIY deck preparation. Since professional deck cleaners may charge by the hour, the cost can be reduced if homeowners clear away all furniture, debris, and objects from the deck prior to beginning the project.
  • Ask about specials. Many companies offer discounts for seniors, military personnel, and first responders.
  • Combine projects. Homeowners may be able to save money by combining pressure-washing services since the pro will already be on-site with all the needed materials. The cost to pressure-wash a house could be lower when combined with deck pressure-washing.

Questions to Ask a Pro

Because decks can be costly to repair or replace, it’s important to hire a pressure-washing pro who knows what they’re doing and will protect your deck. Here are a few questions to ask to ensure you’ve chosen the right person and that you understand the process.

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you offer a written quote?
  • Do you charge a flat rate or by the square foot?
  • Can you repair my deck if needed?
  • How are your technicians trained to avoid damaging property?
  • What is your cleaning process?
  • Are there environmental concerns, and are any permits needed?
  • What is your warranty on your work?
  • How do you determine how much pressure and what cleaning products to use?
  • Do you offer other pressure-washing services, and is there a discount if I include other areas (like the house or the driveway)?
  • Can you seal or paint the deck when you’re done pressure-washing?
  • Are there unforeseen circumstances that could result in a higher price than quoted (damage, stains, mildew, etc.)?


Pressure-washing a deck is a great way to maintain its appearance and increase its longevity. But, as with any home project, homeowners may have questions about pressure-washing. The answers to many of these questions can help clarify the process.

Q. How long does it take to pressure-wash a deck?

The amount of time it takes to pressure-wash a deck depends on a few different factors, namely the size of the deck and its condition. On average, a pro needs an hour to pressure-wash a deck, but if the deck is made of softer wood or if there’s an excess amount of dirt or mold, it may take longer.

Q. How long after pressure-washing a deck can you seal it?

Decks need time to dry out after being pressure-washed since a wet deck will not bond well to any oil- or acrylic-based materials. It’s best to wait at least 48 hours after pressure-washing to apply stain, paint, or sealant. This typically gives the deck enough time to dry, though it may take longer if the weather is humid or rainy.

Q. What is the best chemical for pressure-washing a deck?

The best pressure-washer soap is one that can adequately tackle dirt, grease, grime, and mildew that can accumulate on a deck. The deck cleaner is usually specifically formulated for pressure washers and the specific problem being solved. For instance, if there’s an abundance of mold, a pro will choose a cleaner that treats and prevents mold and mildew.

Q. How many PSI do I need to pressure-wash a deck?

The PSI of a pressure washer determines how strong the spray is. Softwood and composite decks require pressure-washing with a lower PSI, typically between 1,300 and 1,500 PSI, while a metal deck can handle a PSI up to 2,300. A hardwood deck can handle higher pressure as well.

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