This Wet/Dry Vac Has the One Feature You Didn’t Know You Needed

An ultra high-quality hose and plenty of power are just a couple of the of the promising features of this shop vacuum.
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DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Vacuum on table outside in front of truck
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Wet/dry vacs are the underappreciated heroes of any well-stocked workshop. They can handle messes like sawdust and dirt, plus they can come to the rescue in the event of a flood or spill. The vacuums have large motors, big hoses, and expansive drums capable of holding lots of liquids or dust. They’re reliable, powerful, and convenient.

In fact, I’d use those same three words to describe the DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum. But that doesn’t make it perfect. I put this wet/dry vac, and many others, through a series of tasks to test their quality and features, and this one came out on top. I cleaned up sawdust, chunks of drywall, and buckets of water. I even spent time cleaning vehicles to see what the vacuums could do. I’ll explain why this one came out on top as well as where it fell short. Keep reading to learn more about what I found when testing in this DeWalt wet/dry vac review.

DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum: At a Glance

Close up of DeWalt Wet Dry Vac accessories
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Rating: 9.6/10


  • Convenient wrist- or hose-mounted switch makes it possible to turn the vacuum on and off without walking back and forth
  • Plenty of power for a compact vacuum allows it to handle most messes with ease
  • Built-in accessory storage is ideal for keeping attachments stored securely away
  • Wall-mount bracket helps organize larger accessories and the long hose
  • Hose is very flexible and doesn’t mar surfaces during cleaning


  • The hose is actually quite heavy and can be a bit unwieldy at times

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What is the DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum?

The DeWalt wet/dry vacuum is an AC-powered vacuum built for big messes, shop duty, and convenient cleanup. It’s a compact model with a 6-gallon capacity, allowing it to clean up large spills or lots of dry debris before requiring dumping, despite its compact size. It also has a 5-horsepower (hp) motor that creates plenty of suction, and it comes with a 20-foot-long, extremely flexible, high-quality hose.

This vacuum comes with lots of accessories. The kit includes extension tubes, a claw nozzle, a crevice tool, a round brush, a utility nozzle, a floor nozzle, filters, a vacuum bag, and a sound diffuser that acts as a muffler. The smaller nozzles store onboard the vacuum, with a pocket on the side of the vacuum for the brush and diffuser and a storage compartment for the utility nozzle and crevice tool.

This vacuum also comes with a really handy feature: a wrist- or hose-mounted remote on/off switch. I could turn the vacuum on and off with this switch rather than walking back and forth to the machine.

The device and all the attachments store away conveniently on the wall-mounted bracket with an included bag. This bracket keeps the long hose contained as well. And since it’s designed to hang from just one stud rather than two, it’s extremely easy to install.

How easy is the DeWalt wet/dry vac to put together?

The act of actually assembling, attaching, and detaching the different accessories, hoses, and filters is very easy. The hose attaches to the vacuum with a clip-style latch, ensuring it doesn’t pop off the vacuum. The nozzles, extension, and attachments simply slide onto the end of the hose, and the unit is ready to go. To use the filter, simply open the vacuum, slide it into place, and lock the filter down. To remove it, unlock the filter and twist and pull until the filter comes off.

Setting up the bracket was easy. I could simply slide the loops of the bag over the metal arms and then slide the ends up into the bracket. At that point, the wall bracket attaches to the wall using just one stud, making it very easy to install. Once the bracket is attached, the vacuum sits securely in place, but it can be removed by simply lifting it up.

Man using the DeWalt Wet Dry Vac on car floor
Photo: Tom Scalisi for Bob Vila

Is the DeWalt wet/dry vac easy to use?

Yes, the DeWalt wet/dry vacuum is easy to use—especially with the included remote control. I simply pressed the “on” switch into the remote control position and strapped the switch to my wrist or the vacuum’s hose. One press on the switch turns the vacuum on while another press will turn it back off. I found this switch makes using this vacuum extremely convenient, since I didn’t have to leave the vacuum running as I walked back and forth to the wall to turn it on and off. That’s especially helpful when cleaning a mess in a vehicle or tight quarters.

Another design feature that makes the DeWalt easy to use is the angled hose end, which allowed me to reach into tight or awkward spaces by simply changing the angle of the attached nozzle. Most vacuums have straight hose ends which, until now, I thought were fine. Angled hose ends are so much better.

It’s worth noting that I do have some complaints about the DeWalt’s ease of use, though. The hose is very high quality, but it’s also somewhat heavy. At times, specifically when cleaning up liquids, it gets a bit difficult to maneuver. This is partially due to the hose’s flexibility and partially due to its length.

Is the DeWalt wet/dry vac designed well?

With the exception of the hose becoming a bit unwieldy, the DeWalt wet/dry vacuum is extremely well designed. It’s compact but still offers 6 gallons of debris pickup. It also stores on a well-designed wall bracket, keeping it and all of its accessories off the floor and organized. I liked that I could run the vacuum while it’s attached to the wall bracket or remove it and take it directly to the site of the mess.

Also, for those DIYers out there who don’t understand why they would need a remote control, I understand. I thought it was a gimmick, too. But after using this one, I’m here to sing its praises. Not having to walk back and forth to the vacuum to turn it on and off is incredibly convenient, whether cleaning up a workbench quickly or vacuuming inside a car. The other major benefit I can see to the remote control is for those who might want to use this vacuum to set up a small dust collection system for a power tool or two, since a person could hit the switch on their wrist, use the tool, and then shut the vacuum off again.

How did the DeWalt wet/dry vacuum perform?

Despite its compact design, this vacuum has a 5-hp motor that creates powerful suction. The motor supports cleanup of fine messes like drywall dust as well as large chunks of drywall, wood, or even concrete. It’s also more than capable of cleaning up a spill, though it might be too small for flood cleanup.

The attachments were also handy. The crevice nozzle concentrates suction and fits in tight places (like the small nooks and crannies of a child’s car seat where no parent wants to stick their hand), and the brush was stiff enough to stir up dust and dirt without scratching surfaces.

The downside here is that with the hose being so heavy, the nozzles can pop loose if the user holds them rather than the hose end. That happened to me a few times while using the DeWalt. Despite the hose being so high quality, it’s possible it might just be too heavy.

Close up of the remote for the DeWalt Wet Dry Vacuum
Photo: Tom Scalisi for Bob Vila

Is the DeWalt wet/dry vac worth the money?

Although this wet/dry vac is a bit more expensive than many competitors, I do believe that it’s worth the money. The powerful motor, smart onboard nozzle storage, and remote control switch make it extremely convenient to use. And while the hose might be a bit heavy and difficult to move around (especially when cleaning up liquids), it’s high quality and very flexible. It should last for years, and it’s unlikely to mar surfaces it touches like vehicles, moldings, and furniture.

For me, the top aspects of this vacuum are the storage and remote control. Wheeled wet/dry vacs never seem to do a good enough job of keeping everything organized, but the wall bracket does a great job—much better than other wall brackets in the original test. Also, the convenience of remote-control activation is hard to deny, and I’ll probably never want to go back to a standard wet/dry vac again.

Should you buy the Dewalt wet/dry vac?

Most people will find the DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum to be an ideal fit for their needs. It’s small enough to be portable, large enough to take care of most messes, and designed to store away neatly without taking up valuable garage or shop floor space. Its convenient switch is incredibly handy as well. For folks who need to clean up after a DIY project or some shop work, or those who are cleaning up a vehicle, a spill, or some other type of mess, it’s a great tool.

It’s also ideal as a small dust-collection system, since users can mount it above a miter saw or under a table saw and turn the device on remotely. While there are switches that can activate dust collection when the tool fires up, the DeWalt is a simple, self-contained option that will be ready to go out of the box without canisters, bags, or other complicated setups.

However, there are some folks who might want to keep looking, specifically if they require a larger model. This vacuum is likely too small for emergencies like flooding or broken pipes, or for all-day use on a construction site. For these situations, it might be better to choose a larger wet/dry vac with a 12- or 14-gallon capacity. For everyone else, the DeWalt Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum is a great option and my choice for the top wet/dry vacuum.

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