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If You Buy One Thing This Black Friday, Make This One Gadget It

A purchase to save all other purchases.
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If you live in a neighborhood that suffers from the occasional porch pirate, this is a Black Friday deal for you. The Eufy Security SmartDrop S300 is now a stellar SIXTY percent off on Amazon.

Package theft is no joke: many shoppers who become victims of porch pirates are often left wondering what to do if an Amazon package is stolen. There are a number of steps to take to prove that the package was indeed stolen, a process that can involve filing a police report. That’s no way to spend the holidays!

That’s where the Eufy Security SmartDrop S300 comes in. This handy gadget is a steel smart box that keeps delivered packages safe from would-be thieves. It’s weatherproof, so the contents of your deliveries can stay safe from the elements, too.

So how does it work? If the box is empty, couriers can simply press a button to open the box and drop off your package. If the box has a package already inside, you can provide the courier with a pin that they can use to open the Eufy Security SmartDrop S300. The 44-pound box itself can be bolted to the ground for additional security. Finally, other stand-out features include: a built-in camera that records video and audio; two-way audio to talk to couriers, smartphone notifications when the box is accessed, and more.

Buying this drop-off box means that you can get 24/7 secure package delivery and peace of mind this holiday season and beyond. This gadget is already a great deal at its original price, and the stellar sixty percent discount is enough for us to say that if you buy one thing this year, make the Eufy Security SmartDrop S300 it.

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