Genius! Turn Any Belt into a Tool Belt

Every DIY-er knows that not all repairs happen at home. For on-the-go fixes, transform any belt into a tool belt with one simple (and free!) swap.

DIY Screwdriver Belt - How to Add a Screwdriver to Any Belt


Since the Bronze Age, belts have added functionality to our everyday uniform—from carrying soldiers’ heavy swords to holstering cowboys’ most important tool, the revolver. By the 1920s, most pants were sold with built-in loops, and the utility belt was reduced to a wardrobe staple. ShakeTheFuture‘s DIY is a tribute to an earlier time, when utility always won over fashion and the belt you wore did more than hold up your pants. If you’re a modern-day weekend warrior, don’t wait until you’re caught unprepared to try out his useful twist on this everyday accessory.

ShakeTheFuture swapped out his belt prong with a versatile screwdriver head—specifically, a voltage-testing screwdriver, which works on most Phillips and flat head screws. After breaking off the handle from his screwdriver, he used pliers to remove the buckle’s old prong and bend its replacement (the metal rod of the screwdriver) into shape. He then measured the screwdriver point against the old prong, trimmed the excess with his Dremel, and popped it into his buckle where it stays nearly invisible. When it’s this simple, why not make your gear work harder for you? Even better, the belt’s buckle works as a handle for better leverage.

The uses for an on-hand screwdriver are endless. In a single day, you might need one to prop open a door, fix a wobbly desk, or pry open a stuck drawer or latch. If you hate being caught unprepared, keep a screwdriver by your side at all times by making this simple switch. Any belt can be a tool belt!

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DIY Screwdriver Belt