The Versatile Gorilla Ladder May Be The Only Ladder You Ever Need

I put the Gorilla GLMPXA-22 ladder to the test. Find out whether it lived up to its reputation as a safe, sturdy, and reliable climbing companion.
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The Gorilla GLMPXA-22 ladder set up as an extension ladder reaching up to a roof
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

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Gorilla’s multi-position ladder, the GLMPXA-22, combines stability, safety, and convenience into one impressive package. This lightweight aluminum ladder features a load capacity of up to 300 pounds, a range of adjustable height settings, and the ability to transform into several configurations, making it highly functional for DIYers and professionals alike.

I tested the Gorilla ladder alongside several other high-quality models to determine the best ladders on the market today. Thanks to its sturdiness, versatility, and design, the Gorilla GLMPXA-22 ladder took the top spot in that lineup.

Gorilla is well known for quality ladders, yard carts, and hose reels, and the GLMPXA-22 lives up to the company’s high standards for safety, strength, and performance. This ladder’s versatility eliminates the need for owning multiple specialized ladders.

Ahead, find out what I liked and didn’t like about this versatile climbing tool and whether this Gorilla ladder is the right choice for your project needs.

The Gorilla GLMPXA-22 Ladder: At a Glance

The Gorilla GLMPXA-22 ladder set up as an extension ladder reaching up to a roof
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Rating: 9.1/10


  • Type: Multi-position ladder
  • Load capacity: Type 1A, up to 300 pounds
  • Maximum reach height: 22 feet
  • Maximum step ladder height: 9 feet, 5 inches
  • Folded dimensions: 67 inches long by 26 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep
  • Weight: 36.9 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Type 1A ladder that supports up to 300 pounds; suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Functions as an extension ladder, step ladder, stairway ladder, 90-degree wall ladder, or scaffold base
  • Oversize hinges, Gorilla Grip locks, and nonslip feet enhance stability and reduce wobbling
  • Lightweight aluminum ladder at only 36.9 pounds, it’s easy to handle, set up, and transport
  • Folds into a compact size, making it a space-saving ladder solution


  • On the pricey side for those who won’t use it regularly
  • Takes a little time to figure out all its configurations and operating mechanisms

Get the Gorilla ladder exclusively at The Home Depot for $239.

A person climbing the Gorilla ladder while it's set up in stairway position with one side on a pallet
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What is the Gorilla GLMPXA-22 multi-position ladder?

The Gorilla GLMPXA-22 is a robust ladder designed to meet different project needs, including painting the top of a wall or performing construction tasks above sloped surfaces or stairs. With a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds, this ladder accommodates many users and heavy-duty loads.

When folded, the Gorilla ladder measures a compact 67 inches long by 26 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep, and in step ladder mode, it offers a maximum height of 9 feet, 5 inches. When fully extended, the ladder stretches to an impressive 22 feet, making it suitable for reaching a second story or high tree branch. Yet this highly functional ladder is also surprisingly lightweight at only 36.9 pounds. Anyone who has ever lugged around a traditional extension ladder will appreciate the ease of carrying the Gorilla ladder.

In my tests, the Gorilla was a rugged, sturdy, and durable ladder for heavy-duty tasks. Additionally, it features quality hinges and locks—just don’t expect to know how they work if you’ve never used a multi-function ladder before. I had to carefully read the owner’s manual to determine how some operated. But once I learned how to maneuver each one, it became second nature to extend, retract, and change the configuration of the ladder.

A close-up of the grip locks on the Gorilla ladder
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

How safe is the Gorilla multi-position ladder?

Familiarize yourself with basic ladder safety before using any ladder, but rest assured, the Gorilla ladder has several features that emphasize safety.

The 22-foot-reach ladder has oversize multi-position extension (MPXA) hinges that significantly reduce flex and sway. When the ladder was fully extended, I found it had much less bounce than I’m used to with traditional extension ladders or telescoping ladders. Another important safety feature is the outwardly flared legs at the ladder’s top and bottom ends. These help keep the ladder firmly in place to make it a safe ladder for high climbs, such as when cleaning gutters.

The GLMPXA-22 also has innovative grip locks that keep the ladder in the chosen configuration, and Gorilla uses a simple visual to signal which position the locks are in. When a lock was in an open position, I could clearly see an unlocked symbol on the ladder rail. Once I turned the lock to the correct position, the symbol was covered, letting me know the ladder was safe to climb.

I also like the heavy-duty, nonslip feet that grip any surface, and the fact that the ladder holds up to 300 pounds is a definite plus. Its rungs have a generous depth of 1 inch, providing a secure and comfortable foothold while ascending or descending. Optional rail brackets can be attached to provide additional security for those who are using two Gorilla ladders as scaffolding bases.

A person climbing the Gorilla ladder while it's set up over a fence in stairway position with one side on a porch
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

How easy is it to use the Gorilla ladder?

It’s easy to use all the Gorilla’s multi-position ladder features, but the ladder does come with a learning curve. Take the time to familiarize yourself with each component, and you’ll be able to change ladder configurations quickly and safely. The grip locks posed the biggest challenge until I did what I should have done from the get-go—read the manual. Once I learned how to use them, making adjustments was quick and intuitive.

The ladder’s lightweight construction and ability to retract into a relatively small footprint make it much easier to carry and transport than a traditional step ladder. In addition, it’s simple to stow in a garage or shed.

The ladder’s rungs and steps feature a comfortable 1-inch depth, providing a secure platform for climbing. I much appreciated the wheels on the bottom of one end when I wanted to pull the ladder from one spot to another without carrying it: I just tipped the ladder and pulled it like a hand truck.

A close-up of a person making an adjustment to the Gorilla ladder
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the Gorilla ladder worth the money?

Deciding whether it’s worth it to buy the Gorilla 22-foot-reach multi-position ladder will depend on your specific project needs and preferences. At around $240, this ladder is pricier than some single-position ladders, but you won’t have to buy additional ladders to tackle various projects.

Who should buy the Gorilla ladder? 

  • DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable ladder for home projects may find the Gorilla ladder appealing. Its user-friendly features, adaptable configurations, and lightweight design make it suitable for various tasks.
  • Professionals in construction, maintenance, painting, and similar industries may benefit from the ladder’s sturdy construction, high weight capacity, and versatility.
  • Users with limited storage can save space with the Gorilla ladder by eliminating the need to store multiple ladders for different tasks.
  • Those who value durability will appreciate the robust build quality and armored feet that make this Gorilla ladder a hard-wearing option for long-term use.

Who might not need the Gorilla ladder?

  • Infrequent users who rarely require a ladder for tasks; the investment might not be necessary.
  • Users with limited budgets and only the occasional need for a ladder could find a more affordable option.

Who could really benefit from owning the Gorilla ladder?

  • Homeowners who frequently tackle household projects, renovations, or repairs will find the ladder’s versatility and ease of use advantageous.
  • Contractors or professionals who work in trades that require different ladder configurations will appreciate the Gorilla ladder’s adaptability and stability.

Where to Buy the Gorilla GLMPXA-22 Ladder

Get the Gorilla ladder exclusively at The Home Depot for $239.

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