Testing the HeyAbby Grow Box: Is It Worth It for 1 Plant?

This hydroponic grow box can grow 1 large plant and comes with humidity control, a fan, and app access—but is it worth the cost?
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The door of the HeyAbby grow box open to reveal a green pepper plant growing inside.
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Most hydroponic growing systems feature multiple pod stations to grow several plants simultaneously. However, for growing single plants, especially larger plants such as peppers and tomatoes, a hydroponic system designed for one plant can be hard to find.

The HeyAbby grow box is just such a system. It is an enclosed grow box with lights, humidity control, a fan, app access, and even door locks for growing a single plant in an ideal growing environment. HeyAbby is a company that exclusively builds indoor smart hydroponic grow boxes. Their mission is to make growing plants at home sustainable and possible for everyone, no matter their experience level.

I’ve been testing the HeyAbby grow box for the last year in my home, and I recommend it because it is simple to use, grows plants well, and has an attractive and sleek design.

HeyAbby Grow Box: At a Glance

Looking through the viewing window of the HeyAbby grow box while it's growing a green pepper plant.
Photo: Jenn Ryan for Bob Vila

Rating: 8/10


  • Dimensions: 48 inches tall by 15.75 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Plant capacity: 1


  • Relatively simple to set up and easy to use
  • Offers humidity control
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories


  • A bit loud, plus the air stone needs to be repositioned to prevent water from spilling

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What is the HeyAbby grow box?

The HeyAbby grow box is a self-contained hydroponic grow box that uses a deep water culture system to grow a single plant. HeyAbby can support plants up to 31.5 inches tall, so it’s ideal for peppers, tomatoes, small trees, and some fruiting plants.

HeyAbby comes with everything to get started growing, including plant food, plant ties, pruners, trellis net, magnetic hooks, and seed cup. Unlike other hydroponic growing systems, the HeyAbby is designed to support a single plant, and it makes growing easy.

This hydroponic grow box has a sleek design with a white metal exterior and a bamboo top and bottom. It stands at 48 inches tall and is only 15.75 inches square. It also comes with a door cover, which can be used to hide plants or block the light from the box.

HeyAbby requires internet connectivity and app access to work, but it does not require a membership. It also has an automatically locking door, which can be unlocked by turning the circular knob at the top of the box or manually with a key that is included with the system.

Easy Setup With Video Instructions

The HeyAbby grow box is relatively simple to set up. However, the videos on the app that guide setup lack some instructions, so I needed to follow up with the manufacturer to get further guidance. Specifically, I needed more information on installing the air stone in the bottom of the water reservoir, which circulates water and nutrients to plant roots.

The grow box comes already assembled with the accessories inside, so the only setup required is the water reservoir, air stone, and app access. No tools were needed for the air stone or water reservoir setup. App instructions mostly guide the installation, but I find paper instructions to be helpful as a reference.

The temperature dial on the HeyAbby grow box showing a reading of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Photo: Jenn Ryan for Bob Vila

Easy To Use, but a Bit Noisy

The HeyAbby grow box is one of the easiest hydroponic systems I have used. Since it comes almost fully assembled, there’s minimal assembly, and everything I needed to start growing was included in the box.

After the seed sprouted, I added plant food weekly to keep the plant healthy. It grew quickly and began producing peppers within a couple of months. It’s very convenient not to have to go outside in the dark and look for peppers when cooking dinner. The box looks neat and clean in my home, unlike some hydroponic systems, which can look busy or messy.

Although the door locks automatically upon closing, it unlocks easily with one hand. A manual key is also included to open it in case the power goes out.

One con to this system is that it requires app access to function, meaning the system needs to be connected to the internet for the lights, fan, and air stone to work. The box doesn’t need to be close to the router to work (ours was two floors down). But we found that the Wi-Fi did not provide a strong enough signal to work in a garage, which is where we originally had it set up.

The box is designed to support plant growth from a seedling onward, so I simply planted the seed, filled the water reservoir, set the light schedule through the app, and waited for it to sprout.

The HeyAbby grow box runs at 40 decibels (dB), which is about as loud as a refrigerator. I found that this was a bit loud since the grow box is constantly running. I tested the HeyAbby in a spare bedroom, and the sound was loud enough to be distracting when using that room. I did test the decibel level myself using an app on my phone, and the box consistently measured between 40 and 44 dB. However, I had to turn the box off during video conference calls or when guests came over because the sound was too loud.

The water tank of the HeyAbby hydroponic grow box filled with long plant roots.
Photo: Jenn Ryan for Bob Vila

Sleek Design and Minimal Maintenance

The HeyAbby grow box is well designed for a single plant. However, the plant must be within the growing limits of the box—no taller than 31.5 inches. The grow box provides a self-contained environment for a single plant to grow with minimal maintenance. All I had to do was add plant food and top off the water reservoir once a week, which took only a few minutes.

The box provides everything the plant needs to grow except water and seeds. The lights, humidity, and fan are all automatically controlled through the app. The app also notified me when the temperature or humidity was too high so I could make adjustments as needed for optimal plant growth.

The HeyAbby grow box has a sleek design with a white metal exterior and bamboo on the top and base, which gives it a more modern appearance. The box is small enough that it can go just about anywhere, as it only takes up just over 1 square foot of space.

One con to the HeyAbby grow box is that it is louder than I would like a hydroponic system to be. Unlike other systems that cycle water on and off (meaning they are not noisy all the time), the HeyAbby constantly runs, so the noise is constant.

The light and fan inside the HeyAbby hydroponic grow box.
Photo: Jenn Ryan for Bob Vila

High-Quality Materials

The HeyAbby grow box is high quality. The box is made from metal and bamboo. The interior water reservoir, seedling cup, and tubing are plastic, which is typical of most hydroponic systems. The Abby makes growing a single plant easy, and after a year of using the product, I haven’t had any issues outside of needing to reposition the air stone.

Although the manufacturer initially instructed me to install the air stone at the front of the water reservoir, I quickly found that water was shooting out of the reservoir and onto the lid of the tank, which caused water droplets to leak from under the lid and onto the bamboo, where it started causing mold growth. After following up with the manufacturer again, I was directed to install the air stone in the middle position—there are two positions for the air stone in the water reservoir—and this solved the problem.

While the directions on the air stone installation could have been clearer to prevent this problem, this is the only issue I have had with HeyAbby. The support team has been responsive and helpful whenever I contact them.

Is the HeyAbby grow box worth the money?

The HeyAbby grow box is about $1,000 at its regular retail price, which is typical for a large hydroponic growing system. However, the difference is that most hydroponic systems grow more than one plant, and sometimes dozens. The HeyAbby only grows one large plant.

HeyAbby does not have any required maintenance outside of cleaning the water reservoir (which I have not done and have not noticed much tank greening or discoloration) and purchasing and adding plant food. However, the initial cost is expensive, especially for one plant.

I have found the HeyAbby to be worth the cost for someone serious about growing a single plant and having a harvest available year-round, whether it’s fresh tomatoes and peppers in the winter or growing a fruiting plant.

A large green pepper plant growing and producing fruit inside the HeyAbby grow box.
Photo: Jenn Ryan for Bob Vila

Should you buy the HeyAbby grow box?

Hydroponic garden systems are convenient and allow for fresh produce year-round. The HeyAbby grow box is worth considering for those who want to grow a large plant in a controlled environment regardless of light or humidity in their home.

I have tested several large garden systems and found HeyAbby simpler to use than most. Although it’s not as quiet as other garden systems, its modern design, easy setup, and low maintenance make it worth considering for the price.

If you’re looking for an indoor garden system grows more than one plant at a time, check out our guide on the best hydroponic systems.

Where to Buy the HeyAbby Grow Box

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