How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner?

When carpets are looking dingy and dirty or have an unpleasant smell, it’s probably time for a deep clean. The cost to rent a carpet cleaner ranges from $30 to $95 per day, with the national average at $40.
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  • Renting a carpet cleaner typically costs between $30 and $95 per day.
  • The exact cost will depend on the rental time frame, the type of machine and detergent needed, the number of attachments needed, and the rental location.
  • A homeowner or renter may want to rent a carpet cleaner if their carpet has visible dirt and stains or an unpleasant smell, or if their home has had a recent pest infestation. They’ll also want to rent a carpet cleaner if they notice excessive dust particles in the air, if the carpet is sagging or wrinkling in places, or if the home’s residents are experiencing increased allergy symptoms.
  • Renting a carpet cleaner is the most affordable way for many residents to clean the carpet in their home, but some may prefer to hire a professional, who can prevent damage and perform any necessary carpet repairs in addition to cleaning.
Carpet looking a little dirty?
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When the time comes for a homeowner or renter to clean a carpet in their home, there are a few options that are available. They can rent a carpet cleaner machine, purchase carpet cleaning equipment, or search online for “professional carpet cleaners near me” and hire a pro to do the job for them. Purchasing a carpet steam cleaner can cost from $90 to $600, and hiring a professional carpet cleaner can range from $175 to $600 per cleaning session. So how much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner? Carpet cleaner rental prices can range from $30 to $95 per day, with the average at $40. The overall rental rate depends on the location as well as the size and type of rug cleaner rental, but the average rates range from $20 to $60 for a half-day rental of 4 hours, from $100 to $325 for a weekly rental, and from $300 to $980 for a monthly rental.

Since every household is different, there is no set-in-stone schedule for deep cleaning carpets. If there are children or pets in the household, many people will choose to clean the carpeting about every 6 months or more. Those with allergies are advised to clean the carpets every 2 to 3 months. People who choose to clean their carpeting more often will commonly buy their own carpet cleaning vacuum, since the price of a carpet shampooer rental is often more expensive over time. If a heavy-duty carpet cleaner is needed only every 12 to 18 months, renting a carpet cleaner will make more financial sense.

Residents may wonder where to rent a carpet cleaner. Luckily, carpet cleaners are available for rent in many hardware stores, pet stores, grocery stores, and big-box retailers. From handheld machines to larger models that can handle carpet deep cleaning, there’s a carpet cleaner for every need. This guide will examine the important factors that influence the cost to rent a carpet cleaner, the different types of carpet cleaner rentals, some red flags that indicate when a carpet needs to be cleaned, and some frequently asked questions about carpet cleaner rentals.

Factors in Calculating the Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner

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While many people spend between $30 and $95 per day to rent a carpet cleaner, the overall price can vary from the national average due to a few important factors. These can include the rental time frame, carpet cleaner machine type, detergent type, additional attachments, and the difference in rental price from a retail store versus a tool rental company.

Rental Time Frame

Many stores offer varied rental time frames. The standard rental times are half-day (4 hours), full-day, weekly, and monthly. The overall rental price for the cleaner depends on the size and type of machine and any additional attachments or cleaning detergent that is added to the rental unit. Below are the typical rental rates for a carpet cleaner based on the rental time frame.

Rental DurationAverage Rental Price RangeNational Average Rental Cost
Half-day$20 to $60$26
Full-day$25 to $90$40
Weekly$100 to $325$155
Monthly$300 to $980$475

Machine Type

There are a few different types of carpet cleaners that are available for rental. Commonly found for rent at grocery, hardware, and home improvement stores, the standard carpet cleaner sprays a cleaning solution onto the carpet, and then brushes in the machine scrub the surface of the carpet. The carpet cleaner will then vacuum out the liquid to reveal a cleaner and better-looking carpet. Some people also choose a wet vac rental to remove excess moisture from the carpet. Below are the average rental prices for a standard carpet cleaner based on each rental period.

Rental DurationAverage Price Range
Half-day$20 to $30
24 hours$30 to $90
48 hours$40 to $180
Weekly$120 to $225
Monthly$300 to $550

A carpet steam cleaner, or a hot water extraction carpet cleaner, is typically available for rental from a home improvement store or a tool rental organization. This type of cleaner uses less water and can get rid of more germs with the use of heat. The machine sprays the cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet while the hot water loosens stains, dirt, pollen, and debris before removing the dirty liquid. Below are the average rental rates for a carpet steam cleaner based on rental time period.

Rental DurationAverage Price Range 
Half-day$35 to $60
Full-day$60 to $95
Weekly$190 to $275
Monthly$750 to $980

Detergent Type

When a customer is renting a carpet cleaner, the cleaning solution, or detergent, is available for an extra charge. Some brands offer specific types of detergent, such as stain-removing, pre-treatment, pet-specific, oxygen-powered, and deep cleaning sprays and foams. While there are homemade carpet cleaning remedies, some manufacturers of carpet cleaning machines require that their own proprietary brand of cleaning solution be used in their machine when it’s rented. For best results, it’s recommended that renters use the same brand of detergent that is available for purchase along with the carpet cleaner rental, since using the wrong type of cleaning solution could damage the machine and result in additional charges for repairs.


Additional attachments, such as stair, pet stain, drapery, and upholstery cleaning attachment tools, can be rented for an additional charge of about $4 to $8 per tool. It’s always best for customers to double-check with the rental location or carpet cleaner manufacturer regarding the types of attachments that are available with the carpet cleaner rental.

Retail Store vs. Tool Rental Company

Retail stores, such as grocery, hardware, and big-box stores, typically rent carpet cleaners in 24- or 48-hour time periods. Customers can rent smaller hand-held versions to clean small areas or stairs and larger machines that can clean the carpeting in an entire home. Attachments and the cleaning solution are always an extra charge, so customers will want to consider what their cleaning needs are before renting. A 24-hour carpet cleaning rental for a small hand-held model can start at $15, and an upright machine can cost about $50.

Tool rental companies that rent carpet cleaners may have more variety in the types of carpet cleaners they offer. Along with the standard types of carpet cleaners, they can also have professional-grade cleaners that provide a deeper clean. Overall, the final price can vary due to the size and type of carpet cleaner and the duration of the rental time.

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Types of Carpet Cleaner Rentals

The length of time that a carpet cleaner is rented is a significant factor in determining the overall price. Customers can typically choose a half-day, full-day, weekly, or monthly carpet cleaner rental.


A half-day carpet cleaner rental is typically for 4 hours. This type of rental is recommended for cleaning a small room, for spot cleaning, or for cleaning a staircase.


Full-day rentals usually span a 24-hour period, but it’s always recommended that customers double-check with the rental location to be sure. While some stores will not charge a late fee for keeping a carpet cleaner over the initial rental period, they will usually charge for an additional full day if the return is later than the agreed-upon time.


For larger cleaning projects, some people prefer to rent a carpet cleaning machine for an entire week. Having the carpet cleaner at their disposal to clean at a schedule that’s not rushed is a primary concern for many customers.


Some customers who have multiple properties may choose to rent a carpet cleaner by the month. Traveling to clean carpets at different locations can be a hassle; having a carpet cleaner at the ready means that carpeting can be cleaned whenever it’s needed.

Carpet looking a little dirty?
Consider getting it cleaned by a pro. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from carpet cleaning services near you.

Do I Need to Rent a Carpet Cleaner?

While many people know when it’s time to vacuum or spot clean a carpet, some may wonder when it’s time for a thorough cleaning. There are several red flags that signal it’s time for a deep clean, including visible dirt and stains, unpleasant smells, pest infestations, excessive dust particles, a sagging or wrinkled carpet, and increased allergy symptoms in the residents.

Visible Dirt and Stains

If the carpet is discolored and has visible stains, it’s time for a cleaning. Renting a carpet cleaner can get out the noticeable stains and remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens that have settled deep within the carpet fibers.

Unpleasant Smells

Getting down close to the carpet can reveal some issues that might not be as apparent when walking across it. Carpeting isn’t supposed to have an unpleasant smell, so if the carpet has an offensive odor, it needs to be cleaned. Pet urine, food and drink spills, and daily foot traffic can leave a carpet with stinky odors. Using a carpet cleaner rental can eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Pest Infestations

Different types of pests can make a cozy home within the fibers of a carpet. If there are noticeable pests living in the carpet or if the home has had a recent pest infestation, such as fleas, a deep clean can help eliminate the problem.

Excessive Dust Particles

Carpeting that has excessive dust and dirt ground into the fibers will release dust and dirt into the air. If it seems like there is an extreme number of these particles floating around in the air, the carpeting may be to blame, and cleaning it can remedy the issue.

Sagging or Wrinkling

A carpet that is sagging or wrinkling is usually a sign that it’s an older carpet that needs to be cleaned or replaced by one of the best carpet installation companies.

Increased Allergy Symptoms

Pet dander, pollen, and other allergens can collect in the carpet fiber and cause allergy attacks every time someone walks across the carpet. If a family member experiences allergy symptoms, such as sniffling, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, or a scratchy throat, there could be an excess of allergens in the carpet fibers. If the carpet has never been cleaned or it’s been over a year since the last time it was cleaned, a carpet cleaner rental can pull out the allergens and clean the carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Renting a carpet cleaner is a more budget-friendly option than hiring one of the best carpet cleaning companies. When a renter or homeowner rents a carpet cleaner machine, they can clean it on their own schedule, restore the carpeting to its original (or near original) look, eliminate odors and allergens, and return the cleaner to the store rather than having to find an appropriate storage space.

Professional carpet cleaning also offers important benefits, such as reducing any potential damage from a DIY carpet cleaning project and saving time by leaving the cleaning to the pros. The pros will also offer services such as carpet repair, upholstery cleaning, furniture moving, carpet restretching, anti-stain protection, water damage cleaning, patch repair, and carpet removal. However, these options can leave customers with a higher bill once they factor in carpet repair cost or carpet removal cost. Ultimately, the choice between renting a carpet cleaner and hiring a professional will boil down to the customer’s budget, needs, and preferences.

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How to Save Money on the Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner

Even though renting a carpet cleaner for a day can be less expensive than hiring professional cleaners, it’s always good to search out ways to save money on the rental costs. To cut down even more on the cost of renting a carpet cleaner, follow these money-saving tips.

  • Shop around. Do online research regarding carpet cleaner rental prices to find a rate that works with your needs and your budget.
  • Spot clean. If you have pets or children in the house, you may need to spot clean your carpeting more often. Instead of leaving the spots until it’s time to clean the entire carpet, spot clean right away to remove stains so they don’t set in the fibers.
  • Be proactive. Vacuuming often and spot cleaning can eliminate the need to rent a carpet cleaner for a longer period of time. For example, knowing how to remove candle wax from surfaces such as carpeting has its benefits.
  • Clean only certain areas. To save money, rent a carpet cleaner for a shorter period of time and clean only the heavy-traffic areas of the home.
  • Keep an eye out for discounts. Some stores may offer discounts to customers renting a carpet cleaner during the slower time of the year for rentals.
  • Use throw rugs. Using rugs and runners in high-traffic areas can safely cover the carpet to avoid staining and wear and tear.

Questions to Ask About Renting a Carpet Cleaner

If a customer is renting a carpet cleaner for the first time or it’s been a while since the last time they cleaned their carpets, it’s important that they ask questions about the machine. Doing so can help customers save money by renting only what they need and also help them avoid damage to the machine or their carpeting. Below are some questions to ask about the best carpet cleaner rental services.

  • How much is a carpet cleaner rental?
  • What is the cost to rent upholstery, stair, or pet-stain removal tools?
  • What type of carpet cleaners do you offer?
  • What type of carpet cleaning machine should I use?
  • How do I rent a machine from your store?
  • Can I rent the carpet cleaner online?
  • Does your store have the option to deliver and pick up the carpet cleaner?
  • How do I use the carpet cleaning machine?
  • What type of cleaning solution do I need?
  • How much is the cleaning solution?
  • How much cleaning detergent should I use?
  • How often should I clean my carpet?
  • How many times should I go over each area with the carpet cleaner?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Do you charge a late fee?
  • What do I do if I need to extend the rental period?
  • How do I clean the carpet cleaner before returning it?


When deciding on renting a carpet cleaner, customers will want to have all of the information that’s available to them regarding carpet cleaner rentals. Below are some frequently asked questions about carpet cleaner rentals, professional carpeting cleaning, and suggested timelines for cleaning a carpet.

Q. Should I clean my carpets myself or hire a professional?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a homeowner or renter cleaning a carpet on their own and hiring a professional. Renting a carpet cleaner means a customer can return it when they’re done; this means it doesn’t take up valuable storage space and they can clean the carpet on their own schedule. Carpet cleaner rental cost is also more budget-friendly than professional carpet cleaning cost. On the other hand, hiring a professional ensures the job is done right and reduces the chances of damaging the carpet. Professionals also typically warranty or guarantee their work.

Q. Is it better to rent a carpet cleaner or buy one?

That depends on a customer’s needs and the frequency with which they clean their carpet. If a resident needs to clean the carpeting more frequently due to allergies or pets and children in the house, it may be worth it to buy a carpet cleaner. On average, the price to buy one of the best carpet cleaners ranges from $90 to $600.

Q. What time of year is best for carpet cleaning?

Spring is usually the most popular time of year for carpet cleaning, although many people choose the summer months to clean a carpet so it can dry out faster with the windows open.

Q. How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?

It can take a carpet between 8 and 24 hours to dry, depending on ventilation and the temperature of the room. Drying fans can help speed up the drying time significantly. After steam cleaning a carpet, it can take between 6 and 10 hours to dry.

Q. How often should carpets be cleaned professionally?

On average, carpets need to be cleaned about once a year. Since every home is different, many people will clean their carpets more often if they have pets or children in the house—about every 6 months. For those with allergies, it’s recommended to clean the carpeting every 2 to 3 months.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner from Walmart?

Walmart has Rug Doctor kiosks within their stores to rent carpet cleaners. On average, they cost $29.99 for a 24-hour rental and $39.99 for a 48-hour rental. Customers will want to double-check availability and prices before renting carpet cleaning machines.

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