How to Dispose of a Grill Properly

Learn the best way to get rid of a grill without adding unnecessary waste to landfills.
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how to dispose of a grill properly - old grill and new grill on patio


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Q: We just ordered a new grill for our deck. I need to get rid of the old grill to make space for the new one, but I’m not sure what to do with it. Could you please help me understand how to dispose of a grill?

A: Learning how to dispose of a grill properly is important. In most cases, your trash collector won’t pick up your grill if you simply leave it out with your trash or put it in a dumpster. Even if the trash company would pick it up, its disposal would contribute to our already overflowing landfills. Try to choose a disposal option that will allow for recycling of any eligible materials. Read on to learn how to dispose of a grill in a responsible manner.

A gas grill’s propane tank must be disposed of separately.

If you’re looking for ways to dispose of a propane grill, the first thing you’ll need to do is to remove the propane tank. Because propane is flammable and considered hazardous waste, there are special processes required for disposing of propane tanks, including taking them to recycling centers or hazardous waste collection sites.

To remove the propane tank from an old or broken barbecue grill, start by making sure that the grill is turned off. Then, close the valve on the tank and remove the pressure regulator by twisting it off. There may be a screw holding the propane tank in place. If so, take it out to release and remove the tank from the grill.

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Sell or donate a working grill.

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You might not even need to worry about how to dispose of a BBQ grill if it is still functional. Rather than trying to throw it out or recycle it, consider selling a gently used grill at a yard sale or through an online marketplace. If no one expresses interest in purchasing the grill or you prefer not to deal with the hassle of trying to sell it, consider donating your old grill.

Some donation centers won’t accept grills (unless you remove the propane tank), but you might be able to give your grill to a friend or family member who doesn’t have the funds to purchase one for themselves. Plus, with selling or donating, you’ll often be able to get free BBQ removal when the grill is picked up by the recipient.

Break down the grill to recycle and dispose of all parts responsibly.

While Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other retailers may take your old grill to recycle it when they deliver a new one, you’ll likely be charged for this service. If you want to save money, you can recycle a BBQ grill yourself. To do so, you’ll want to take the grill apart to sort out the different materials and make it easier to transport

The metal components of the grill such as the racks, lid, and sides of the unit can be recycled. You may also be able to sell these components to a scrap dealer to make a few bucks. Look for a recycling symbol on any of the plastic parts of the grill. If you see one, you should be able to bring those parts to your local recycling center or even put them out with your regular recycling pickup.

Some of the components of the grill won’t be recyclable, such as the fuel hose, wheels, and any batteries. You’ll have to dispose of these items separately. Remember, if there are batteries in your grill for any of the electric components, you will need to take them to an electronics recycling center.

how to dispose of a grill local community bulk disposal large appliances and furniture

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Grills are often accepted during local bulk item disposal events.

Another old grill disposal option is to bring it to a local bulk-item drop-off event. The grills, microwaves, old furniture, and other waste collected at these events should be broken down and recycled properly, helping to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills. You can reach out to your homeowners association or local community offices to see if and when any bulk collection events will take place.

Some communities may also offer bulk pickup for free or a small fee. If this is offered in your area, you might be able to schedule someone to come pick up an old and rusty grill from your curb.

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Call a junk removal service to dispose of an old grill.

If you want to learn how to dispose of an outdoor grill, you can also consider contacting a junk removal company. Many will offer both electric and gas grill removal services. However, before you hire a company for their services, learn more about what they do with the junk they remove. Look for companies that break items down to recycle as many of their components as possible, rather than simply dumping everything into a landfill.