“Jobber Saved My Company”: Is Jobber Really the One Tool That All Home Service Pros Need?

Home-service industry pros working in the field need a tool they can use on the go that's tailored to their needs. We assess the Jobber app by looking at reviews, features, and more.
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Jobber Review


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From house painting to lawn care, the home-service industry thrives on offering property owners specialized services that can improve curb appeal, boost their home’s value, and leave them with a little more leisure time. But unlike other businesses, small home-service businesses are often not operated out of a physical space such as an office or retail storefront. The nature of these businesses mean that employers and employees alike are frequently on the go and in the field, so they need an operations management software that can go with them. That’s where Jobber comes in. Jobber is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from nearly anywhere, anytime, enabling busy business owners and operators to take care of the nitty-gritty details such as scheduling and payments right from their phones or tablets. Jobber has a wide appeal, too, thanks to its compatibility with different operating systems, an app that can be accessed by both iOS and Android users, and an extensive library of resources to help the greenest of small-business owners use Jobber to manage time, money, and tasks.

But before a business owner invests hard-earned money and time spent learning to use the software, they’ll want to know if the operations management software is really up for the job. For this review, we took a tour of the Jobber app to understand how it works—and to find out exactly who would benefit from using it.

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Our Verdict:

Jobber is a truly standout business-management software choice for owners of small to medium-size businesses across more than 50 different service industries. From pest control to lawn care to plumbing services, Jobber is a well-rounded app that offers what business owners need to run their companies smoothly and efficiently on the go. Whether for finding new customers and generating quotes or invoicing and collecting payments, Jobber gives business owners the tools they need to manage their businesses with ease, all in one place. The long list of tools, features, and capabilities may seem intimidating, but Jobber is surprisingly easy to use after a natural adjustment period. The app is also a hub of information: Whether it’s the first time using Jobber or the end of a job, those just getting to know the ins and outs of the software can turn to the extensive library of resources, which covers both how to best use Jobber and how one can generate leads and grow a business. Along the way, customer support is available to clarify, troubleshoot, or simply answer user questions. Overall, Jobber offers a brilliantly streamlined and relatively uncomplicated experience for nearly any type of home-service business owner (from the first-timer to the well-seasoned and experienced one) who wants to spend more time in the field and less time doing paperwork. Jobber truly excels at setting up its users for long-term success.



  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Client management, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, reporting, messaging, online booking, client hub, job forms, quoting, marketing
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: $30, $90, or $180 per month
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks, Stripe


  • Generous 14-day free trial offered
  • Standout features include referral programs, thank-you messages, and feedback surveys
  • Convenient customer-facing client hub
  • Seamless integration with Stripe for easy payments


  • Reports of potentially confusing mobile-app experience
  • QuickBooks integration only available as part of the two highest-tier plans
  • Employees cannot be paid through Jobber

Jobber Review: Claims

Jobber aims to help home-service business owners manage all of their day-to-day operations as well as set goals for business growth. The app’s wide range of tools were built with these industries in mind. Features such as scheduling and client communication help business owners stay on top of daily tasks, and Jobber also offers tools and resources for business owners to learn more about growing their business, including Jobber integration with email marketing, such as Mailchimp, and other tools to track business growth.

Jobber Home Screen
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About Jobber

Jobber is a cloud-based, field service business-management software that was established in 2011 by two software developers and a working painter, who found himself drowning in paperwork. The software developers worked together with this professional to find out what his specific needs were, with the goal of streamlining the daily operations and concentrating most, if not all, tasks in one easy-to-use software program. This included features that would help with all of the business-management aspects of a home-service business, such as invoicing, bookkeeping, and scheduling, along with tools aimed at helping owners scale their businesses. Jobber specializes in management software geared specifically to home-service businesses including, but not limited to:

  • Lawn care
  • Tree care
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Residential cleaning services
  • Janitorial services
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Handyman
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • General contracting
  • Pool care and maintenance
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Painting

In total, Jobber supports the needs of professionals in over 50 service industries, making it a wide-reaching tool.


User Experience

Jobber offers a simplified platform and a straightforward interface for home-service business owners or operators to track everything they need to run their businesses. The different elements are organized cleanly and intuitively, making it simple to find the many Jobber features offered.

A left-hand sidebar offers an at-a-glance view of everything that’s available to a user, and these are perhaps the tasks and views that need to be most often accessed: a home page, schedule, clients, requests, quotes, jobs, invoices, reports, expenses, timesheets, and apps. The home page distills all that information down to the most crucial of the day’s tasks: quotes, jobs, invoices, and the day’s appointments.

Jobber Set Up
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Jobber’s calendar view is particularly helpful in helping a user maintain, update, and stay on top of their schedule. The calendar allows them to add recurring and one-off jobs, view upcoming appointments, and communicate directly with clients. This feature, like others, can be accessed both by using Jobber software on a computer as well as using the Jobber mobile app. This is of particular importance in the home-service industry since service industry professionals are frequently on jobsites or in the field.

As with any software, there is a bit of a learning curve in adjusting to Jobber’s interface, and there may be some confusion around what the app is and is not capable of doing. However, with a little time, research, and access to Jobber’s helpful resources and its customer service, users are likely to become familiar with and accustomed to using the software, thanks in part to how intuitive the interface is.

This intuitiveness translates to the client-facing hub. The Jobber CRM helps businesses create a client-facing hub, which clients can then use to view their own upcoming appointments, schedule new jobs, and request quotes. Clients are also able to see who will be performing the job, as businesses can create profiles for each technician. This gives clients an added level of security, knowing who to expect to welcome onto their property or into their home.


Jobber offers many features that will appeal to business owners looking to streamline their processes and increase their customer base. They can be divided into three categories: job- management features, customer-service features, and business-operations features. These categories cover the scope of the types of tasks that owners and operators of small to medium-size businesses can expect to take on over the course of managing the business. These include Jobber invoicing templates and scheduling capabilities in addition to facilitating client payment and automated client communication. Jobber also offers business owners ways to get a comprehensive overview of their business and employee performance along with marketing tools to help get more customers.

Job Management

Jobber’s job-management features cover a lot of ground in allowing business owners to do just that—manage all aspects of a job, from scheduling to dispatching to invoicing. Jobber further divides its job-management features into four groups:

  • Client manager: This grouping of features keeps client-related information and details handy. This can mean anything from job details and notes to special requests that can be recorded. Associated client information such as billing history and past visits can be easily accessed, too. This facilitates a personalized approach to each job and client, which can go a long way in both retaining that client and gaining new leads through word of mouth.
Jobber Client List
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  • Scheduling and dispatching: To get a job done, business owners need to know when to get a job done and when to complete any associated tasks. That’s how Jobber’s calendar view comes in handy. It’s easy to use with color coding, filters, and more available to know at a glance what’s a priority. Jobs can even be assigned to company employees through the calendar with push notifications enabled, so everyone is in-the-know in no time. Business managers can also compare schedules, see who can be dispatched, and then schedule the job.
Jobber Scheduling a Job
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  • Invoicing and follow-ups: Completing a job or providing a service is only one part of owning a business—after all, managers are typically responsible for collecting payment and retaining customers. Jobber makes those tasks easier by automating them. Not only can job invoices be automatically generated and sent to clients after a job has been completed, but an automatic reminder to pay can be generated in the event a payment is overdue. Invoices can be customized, too, to match the business’s branding or include a disclaimer. Batch invoicing is also an available tool, among others.
  • Mobile app: The reality of being in the field is that access to a computer is likely limited. Jobber makes itself an excellent tool for small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs by offering an equally intuitive mobile app, available to both iOS and Android users.

Customer Service

Customers and clients often book jobs with questions, comments, and even complaints—making customer service an undeniable part of owning or running a business. Jobber has tools and features that make communicating with customers easy and relatively painless. Customer-service features fall into four buckets:

  • Online booking: To retain clients and attract new customers, it’s important for budding businesses to facilitate the process of booking as much as possible. Jobber achieves this by providing a simple way for customers to book online. Each request comes with pertinent client information, such as the type of job requested, preferred dates and times, and the client’s name and address—all tailored to the preferences of the business owner. Jobber then automatically schedules the job and assigns a team member to it before notifying the business owner. It’s a win-win: the job is both scheduled and confirmed quickly. Before a customer even becomes a customer, Jobber goes the extra mile in allowing its users to easily generate and seamlessly connect with new leads on Google—perhaps the most popular search engine and where customers are the most likely to search for providers and businesses.
  • Client hub: Clients aren’t kept in the dark once they become customers. In fact, Jobber places just as much importance on the client’s experience as it does the software user’s. Customers can access a hub where they can see appointment details such as date, time, and address as well as past and upcoming appointments. They will also receive the name and photo of the person who will be performing the job. Almost all needs can be relayed via Jobber, making it easy for businesses to communicate effectively and build trust with their clients.
  • Customer communications: Business owners can provide customer service using Jobber without being tied to their phones or a desk. Features include automated updates, appointment-reminder emails and texts, “on my way” text messages, and client follow-up emails for rebooking.
  • Job forms: Jobs can easily increase in complexity—what business managers don’t want is for that complexity to translate into mistakes and more time spent on a job than necessary. Checklists and forms are an easy way for both individuals and groups to be on the same page, and Jobber integrates that capability into its software.

Business Operations 

Last but not least, operating a business efficiently can lead to greater success, and Jobber has features and tools geared toward this end:

  • Quoting and follow-ups: Providing quotes and estimates is a part of most big jobs, especially when a significant sum of a client’s money is on the line. Jobber provides businesses with the ability to customize their quotes in addition to providing templates (a great perk for those who are new to the process). Follow-ups and approvals are also generated, making client communication a breeze.
  • Email and postcard marketing: Jobber is partnered with Mailchimp, which automates and facilitates marketing on behalf of Jobber—and its users. For effective and easy-to-use marketing solutions, users don’t have to look beyond the Jobber app. Marketing materials, especially when used in conjunction with personalized materials such as thank-you notes, can be powerful tools in retaining valuable customers.
  • Credit card processing: Getting paid doesn’t come any easier: Jobber provides multiple payment options (including touchless options). Jobber is a third-party platform with regard to payment, so users are advised that Jobber’s payment processing comes with a small fee.
  • Reporting: Jobber provides its users with access to over 20 different reports that cover nearly every aspect of a service business, such as financial reports, work reports, client reports, and expense tracking. These include everything from location reports, which allow business owners to see where their fleet has been most often, to customer client lists to tracking time sheets. It’s worth noting that although users can use a feature called Confirm Payroll to track which employees have been paid, it’s not possible to actually pay employees through Jobber.
  • Costing: Jobber has a handy tool that offers insight into the profitability of each job: since costs are tracked in Jobber, the platform can rapidly calculate how much a business owner is making—or losing—with this tool. It’s a time-saving tool, especially for new business owners who may not understand all the ins and out of budgeting for their work.
Jobber Reports
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Investing in new software for a business that doesn’t integrate with existing systems can be a hassle for any business owner. Jobber integrations include 19 different apps and web services that pertain to everything from marketing to managing payments. When it comes to payment options, Jobber integrations include Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Square, making it easy for customers to pay and for the business owner to be paid efficiently. Jobber integrates with QuickBooks, which is one of the accounting software programs frequently used by service industry business owners (although users are advised that QuickBooks integration is only available in the plans at the two highest price points). Additionally, Jobber integrations include several marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, Google Ads, and NiceJob. Finally, the Jobber app allows for GPS tracking so that a team manager or business owner can see exactly where their fleet is, helping business owners and technicians know when a job begins and when a job is completed.

Map View

Jobber Plans and Pricing

Jobber price points can vary quite a bit, from $9 to $349 per month. Fees are structured based on how many users the business needs the software to support, as well as whether or not the business owner is looking for an annual subscription or a monthly one. Annual plans are paid in one payment, and monthly plans are paid once per month.

The lowest Jobber price allows just one user, while the highest plan allows up to 15 users. The cost difference between an annual payment versus monthly payments is not as significant at the lower plan levels; the Lite plan is $9 per month for both annual and monthly users. The Core plan gives a $20 per month discount for annual users. The Connect plan offers a $40 per month savings for annual users, and the Grow plan offers the most significant savings: An annual plan is $100 less per month. There is no free version of Jobber, but the company does offer a 14-day free trial to allow business owners to test it out before investing.

Monthly PaymentsAnnual Payments
Lite plan$9 per month; one user$108 per year ($9 per month)
Core plan$69 per month; one user$588 per year ($49 per month)
Connect plan$169 per month, up to five users$1,548 per year ($129 per month)
Grow plan$349 per month; up to 15 users$2,988 per year ($249 per month)

Jobber Mobile App

Having a mobile app can be a huge advantage in the home-service industry. Though overall the Jobber mobile app is a pared-down version of Jobber’s web software, it still provides many vital on-the-go features such as scheduling, specific job details, GPS tracking, Jobber invoicing, communication, and payments. The Jobber app also offers forms, checklists, and notes that the business owner can tailor to the employee and the job.

The Jobber mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It provides a simplified way for business owners to communicate quickly with their crew and customers, as well as to schedule and dispatch jobs, which helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks when in the field.

User Support

Jobber offers business owners a variety of support tools. These include educational tools and tutorials to show customers how to use Jobber features, a large resource section with searchable FAQs, overview tutorials via YouTube, and the Jobber Academy, which includes articles and videos to help educate Jobber customers on the many Jobber features and how to use these to support their business. In addition, Jobber customers have access to a Help Center which offers real-time support via email, web chat, or call center. Business owners will want to be aware that this Help Center operates Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. EST.

Jobber Academy
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From salary guides to detailed video tutorials, Jobber offers its users a robust online resource section aimed at educating and empowering service industry businesses. The Jobber Academy features a rotating selection of articles that can be filtered by topic, such as sales and marketing or financial advice, or by industry, such as landscaping or HVAC. There are free estimate templates, an invoice generator, and a service pricing calculator to help business owners provide industry-standard rates.

Jobber also offers a couple of unique resources for its customers. Every year, the annual online Jobber Summit takes place; this is a free, virtual event that connects home-service industry business owners with leaders in their community. Jobber customers can get expert advice and learn from the success of the speakers. In addition, Jobber has a $150,000 grant program available for Jobber users. Every year, Jobber awards 25 grants ranging from $2,500 to $15,000 that are designed to reward excellence in the home-service industry. Applicants can apply under four categories: Home Service Heroes, who keep homes and offices safe; Career Builders, who offer meaningful careers; Smooth Operators, who keep their businesses running smoothly for customers and employees alike; and Community Caretakers, who give back to the communities they live and work in.

Jobber Reviews by Customers

Before investing in business-management software of any kind, potential customers will likely rely in part on reviews from actual customers. Jobber reviews from a variety of sources will provide the broadest overview for potential customers.

Unsurprisingly, the Jobber website has a large number of favorable reviews, including noting that Jobber was voted #1 Most Popular & Affordable based on over 500 Jobber reviews on Capterra. Even more recently, Capterra ranked Jobber as a top performer for 2023, with Jobber achieving 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 600 reviews. GetApp also gives Jobber a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on a total of 632 reviews, citing the app’s ease of use and customer support as the top reasons. Some Jobber app reviews cite technician views as being limited from the Jobber app, but business owners can customize this to allow technicians to access more information. The Jobber software reviews on Software Advice are favorable, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 700 different reviews. Within these reviews, functionality gets high marks, in particular the QuickBooks integration. On Jobber has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, with a rating of 8.7 out of 10 for ease of use and a rating of 8.8 for quality of support.

Overall, Jobber software reviews seem to have consistent pros and cons: Jobber reviewers agree that Jobber is easy to use and comes with high functionality, though most agree there is a bit of a learning curve, likely because Jobber offers so many different features. One user even claimed that Jobber “saved” her company in her Jobber review.

Most reviews cite payment integration, like Stripe, as a favorite feature, along with praising the comprehensive workflow features from quotes to dispatching to billing. Jobber reviews also consistently praise Jobber customer service. Reviewers appreciate the seamless integration with QuickBooks software—though this feature is not included with the lower-priced plans, most reviewers don’t cite this as a big issue.

Jobber Home Page
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How Jobber Stacks Up to the Competition

While there are several software programs that exist to help with business operations, when it comes to the specifics of a home-service business, Jobber stands out thanks to its ease of use and variety of desired features. Because home-service businesses require employees to be on jobsites more frequently than in an office, the management software a business chooses should reflect those specific needs, including customer-service features that allow businesses to stay on top of communication even when they aren’t near a computer.

Of particular advantage is the Jobber mobile app, which helps both owners and their employees communicate directly with just a few taps. The app also allows business owners to collect payments in the field, meaning a job well done can be instantly rewarded.

When it comes to Jobber vs. Housecall Pro, which is a similar operations management software for home-service businesses, Jobber stands out for its affordable options. This is a plus for small businesses just getting started, in addition to the number of features and integrations included. Although Jobber’s competitors aren’t necessarily incompatible with the needs of users in this space, Jobber tends to appeal to a wide range of business owners and operators across many industries.


Should You Use Jobber?

Jobber receives consistently positive reviews for a reason. Because it was built with the home-service industry in mind, Jobber meets the needs of those industries, in particular through easy client management and Jobber scheduling along with on-the-go payments and other in-the-field features. The integration with QuickBooks will help streamline business accounting, and the wide variety of resources, such as the Jobber Summit and Jobber Grants, can help businesses with the long-term success of their company.

Jobber offers a 2-week free trial and has a $9 per month starting plan, making it affordable for businesses of any size to give Jobber a try without making a huge investment. This allows businesses time to see if Jobber is right for them. For this reason, Jobber seems to provide more reward than risk for any home-service business looking for software to help streamline and grow their business.

We independently reviewed this service by weighing the company’s claims against firsthand experience with its professionals or services. However, due to factors such as franchising, human error, and more, please note that individual experiences with this company may vary.

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