Protect Your Pipes from Freezing and Save 20% Off This Highly-Rated Heat Cable

Score 20% off and prevent your pipes from freezing this winter with Giraffe heat cable.
Giraffe Tools Heat Cable Wrapped Around PVC Pipe

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Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your home’s pipes. Once the temperature outside reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes are at risk of freezing—below 20 degrees, and the risk is much higher. If your pipes freeze, it’s imperative to unfreeze them before they burst and cause major damage.

To protect your pipes from freezing and possibly bursting during a cold spell, it’s important to winterize any exposed pipes. One common way to do this is to install pipe heat cables. These electric cables wrap around your pipes and provide warmth to ensure the water does not freeze.

Luckily, Giraffe Tools Pipe Heat Cable is 20% off at Amazon and available quickly with Prime’s fast shipping. You can score 30 feet of heating cable for only $30.39 when you apply the coupon.

30-Foot Giraffe Tools Heat Cable

This 4.5-star heat cable won’t only save your pipes, but it also works on roofs and gutters. Plug the 6-foot electrical cable directly into the nearest GFCI outlet, and it warms up in under 10 minutes. It adjusts heat output based on external temperatures in conditions as frigid as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Snag this deal today and prevent your pipes from freezing during this weekend’s winter storm or the rest of the season’s cold weather.

Get the Giraffe Tools Pipe Heat Cable on Amazon for $30.39.

Prices listed here are accurate as of January 12th, 2024.