Ruggable Just Launched a Bath Mat That’s Even Easier to Keep Clean

It's highly absorbent, fast-drying, and—of course—machine washable.
Photo: Ruggable

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Ruggable was a trail-blazer when it first entered the design market in 2010 with sophisticated rugs that both resisted stain and cleaned up nicely in a washing machine. Finally, high-traffic areas could have design-forward floor coverings underfoot that didn’t require a steam cleaner on standby!

We’ve put these rugs to the test in our Ruggable review and are pleased to report that upkeep is as easy as the brand makes it out to be—just remove the top layer that’s dirty or spill-covered, and wash on cold before drying on low heat or hanging to air-dry. It’s a particular game-changer for households with kids, pets, or other inevitable sources of mess. And we’re far from the brand’s only fans: The Ruggable storefront on Amazon is aglow with positive reviews from verified customers that tout its practicality and the large selection of sizes and styles, ranging from Moroccan and Bohemian to Scandinavian and geometric.

With the success of Ruggable’s original design for dining rooms, entryways, and kitchens, it comes as no surprise that the brand is expanding to other high-traffic areas. This week, they launched a line of bath mats.

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Ruggable’s New Bath Mat Is More Absorbent

Photo: Ruggable

The two-piece system is just like other Ruggable offerings, consisting of a lightweight rug cover and a nonslip rug pad. But the Bath Mat was designed to combat one of the biggest concerns of other bath mats on the market: absorbency.

Previously, Ruggable has been clear that, “while our rugs are water-resistant, they are not water-absorbent.” This Ruggable Bath Mat cover is the first of its kind. It’s made with an ultra-absorbent QuickDry fabric, so water doesn’t just dampen the mat, but is absorbed.

As typical to the brand, the removable bath mat cover is 100 percent machine-washable. Its 22-inch by 32-inch design easily fits in a standard (minimum 2.2 cu. ft.) washing machine.

It’s Safer and Cleaner

Many bath mats prove a challenge to keep clean because they’re difficult to wash as often as necessary. The rubber backing is prone to breaking down in the washer and dryer (especially when heat is involved), which can cause problems then block the drain pump and subsequently clog the motor and drain line.

And when you can’t successfully wash a bath mat weekly, it remains at breeding ground for mold and mildew.

The Ruggable Bath Mat alleviates this exact issue using the brand’s classic two-part system: Leaves the pad on the floor, and pull up the machine-washable cover for easy, effective cleaning in the machine.

Plus, the Ruggable Bath Mat is resistant to mold and mildew, while the nonslip pad ensures a safe spot to dry off for anyone stepping out of the tub or shower.

It Comes in 38 Unique Styles

We love that the rug cover can be changed at anytime to fit your space’s aesthetic, from spa-like to cheeky and bright. Ruggable knows their customers are unique, so the brand has made sure to follow suit with its Bath Mat style options. You can purchase the mat in 38 designs, including modern options like the Reya Teal Blue Bath Mat featuring whimsical arches tinted in different shades of teal blues, a sleek marble lookalike, and even a customizable monogram option.

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