INFOGRAPHIC: Sober Uses for Beer & Booze Around the House

These boozy alternatives can easily stand in for store-bought cleaning supplies. So rather than let that bottle linger for years in the back of your liquor cabinet, put it to "sober use" in your home today.

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An outstanding perk of hosting friends and family for a potluck affair can be the copious volume of alcohol left over. But if you’re not much of a drinker—of if any of the extras don’t suit your taste—there’s an option besides letting the bottles gather dust in the nether regions of your cabinets. As it turns out, beer and booze work as well as—or perhaps even better than—products you’d normally need to purchase prior to tackling a handful of tasks in and around the home. Dubious? Then spare a few drops of that liquid courage and have fun experimenting with these “sober” alternative uses for beer and vodka, whiskey and gin. Cheers!

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