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The Best Water Heater Repair Near Me: How to Hire a Plumber for Water Heater Repair Service

Searching for “best water heater repair near me”? Check out our guide to get the highest quality water heater repair service for your home.
Water Heater Repair Near Me


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Hiring the Best Water Heater Repair Near Me

Homeowners rely on water heaters every day for common activities such as showering and cooking as well as washing the dishes, clothes, and hands. Water heaters are crucial to a household’s quality of life. It can be stressful, then, when homeowners find something’s wrong with their water heater.

While a few problems may be fixed with little mechanical knowledge, some water heater issues require a professional’s attention. Water heater repair technicians can assist homeowners in repairing their water heater in a timely and efficient manner—and they can save homeowners money. Hiring a qualified technician can save a homeowner from buying parts for their water heater without consulting a professional, only to find out their heater is permanently damaged or unusable.

A professional will be able to assess the water heater’s damage before there’s any additional harm to the unit. Finding the best water heater repair service is vital to get the job done right. To find a reputable technician, start by searching for “water heater repair near me.”

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Cost of Water Heater Repair Near Me

Water Heater Repair Near Me

The average cost in the United States to repair a damaged water heater is $587. However, the typical repair cost can range from $150 to $955, depending on the damage. Some extremely damaged water heaters may require over $2,000 to be fixed. Other routine maintenance and repairs can cost under $100.

All in all, the cost of a water heater repair service is dependent on the issue and a professional’s assessment of how to repair it. The cost of a water heater repair can also depend on the homeowner’s type in their home. A solar panel-fueled heater repair, for example, may require more specialized parts to fix and cost more than a gas water heater repair.

Common Water Heater Issues a Plumber Can Fix

The average traditional tank-type water heater can last between 8 and 12 years. During this time, issues may arise in the unit that need to be addressed by a professional. Common problems a plumber can fix include:

  • Temperature issues. If the water in a home is not warming up or the water is too hot, a plumber can troubleshoot to ensure there’s not an issue with the power, heating element, or thermostat.
  • Leaks. Discrepancies in water pressure, an overheated unit, or a damaged gasket are a few of the sources for leaks in a water heater. Plumbers address these issues by replacing the faulty gasket or finding the leak source and taking appropriate action for repair.
  • Running out of hot water. A plumber will see if both heating elements within the unit are correctly working and work to restore the hot water.
Need water heater repair?
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Do I Need a Water Heater Repair?

It may be challenging to determine if a water heater repair is necessary; however, some issues may constitute an emergency or require a replacement of the unit.


Emergency water heater repairs could be required for heavy leaks, as they could cause serious damage to the home if left unaddressed. Furthermore, water pooling at the bottom of the tank can also cause corrosion and further harm the unit.

Homeowners should call their local plumber immediately to mitigate any damage. In the meantime, it’s essential to find the source of the leak and see if it’s possible to tighten any loose connections. Be sure not to attempt to pull out or replace any parts without the assistance of a professional. Move any appliances out of the way and cordon off the area so no pets or children slip and fall in the water.

Not having access to hot water is an emergency situation that may require the help of a water heater service. Homeowners can troubleshoot the problem themselves while waiting for a hot water heater repair by tripping the circuit breaker to see if there’s a problem with the unit’s power. Additionally, check to see if the thermostat has proper access to power and turn the power switches off and then back on again.


The homeowner can treat some non-emergencies from a water heater, but certain issues require a professional’s assistance. For example, if the water from the water heater is not getting hot enough, the unit may be on its way to losing hot water or having issues with its heating elements. Depending on the type of water heater unit, the technician or plumber should be able to determine if there is a crossed connection.

It’s normal for a water heater to make small, quiet noises. However, if there are loud bangs or popping noises coming from the water heater, more profound issues may require professional attention. While it may seem as though the water heater is bursting, banging noises are usually just mineral deposits building up inside the tanks and heating elements. A repair technician can remedy the issue by cleaning the inside of the water heater and flushing the water out.

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Water Heater Repair vs. Water Heater Replacement

It can be challenging to determine when it’s time to replace a water heater. First, consider the age of the water heater. If a water heater is older or getting to the age of 12 years, it may be time to replace it. Over time, gas bills may go up because of the water heater’s inability to keep the water hot with wear and tear. It may be cost-efficient, then, to replace the water heater.

Other hazards may signal it’s time to change a water heater. For example, water discoloration is usually caused by the build-up of rust and sediments in the unit, posing health hazards to household members and compromising the cleaning ability of washing machines and dishwashers.

While the unit can be cleaned, the water flushed, and the unit’s anode rod replaced, some units are beyond repair and must be replaced for safer water consumption. One general rule of thumb is that if you need frequent repairs or if repairs are costing more than a new unit would cost, it’s time for full replacement. To find a water heater replacement and installation, simply search “water heater installation near me.”

DIY vs. Hiring a Plumber

While leaks, temperature issues, and water discoloration may be alarming, homeowners have options to repair the issues. Homeowners can take a DIY approach by ensuring there are no loose bolts or holes within the unit as well as restarting the water heater’s power source.

Need water heater repair?
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However, if a homeowner feels their safety is in danger or unsure of where to start, hiring a plumber is the perfect first step to addressing a water heater issue safely. A plumber can help a homeowner choose higher quality parts for a longer-lasting water heater, potentially saving money in the long run. A simple search for “water heater service near me” can locate qualified local professionals.

Water Heater Repair Near Me

How to Find a Reputable Plumber for Water Heater Repair

When hiring a plumber for a water heater repair, there are a few factors to consider before selecting one to ensure reliability:

  • Make sure they are a licensed plumber and are established in the home’s local area.
  • Ask them to provide a quote for water heater services before getting started.
  • Find out their expertise and make sure they have experience in water heater service.
  • Ensure they have liability insurance and worker’s compensation in case of an accident.
  • Look up their hours of operation to guarantee a household member will be there when they arrive.

Questions to Ask Your Local Plumber

A few questions will be pertinent to ask the local plumber before, during, and after the job is done to ensure you get the best results for your water heater repair service. A few questions to ask your local plumber include:

  • Do you have experience related to the type of water heater in my home?
  • Is this problem something I have done or is it an issue that happened over time?
  • What can I do next time to mitigate damage to the water heater?
  • Do you have any advice that will help my water heater last?
Need water heater repair?
Call in a top-rated pro. Get free, no-commitment estimates from plumbers near you.


Q. How much does it cost to service a water heater?

Servicing a water heater can cost anywhere from less than $100 to over $2,000 for certain issues. The average cost to repair a water heater is around $587. However, most common water heater problems will come in around $200, such as flushing the unit or replacing the thermostat.

Q. Is it worth repairing a water heater?

If a traditional tank-type unit is under 12 years old or a tankless water heater is under 20 years old, it may be worth it to repair the water heater. Depending on the level of corrosion, leakage, or the frequency of repairs a unit needs, it also may be more cost-efficient to replace the unit. A combination of these factors will usually determine if a water heater is worth repairing.

Q. What are the most common problems with water heaters?

Water leakages are one of the most common problems homeowners face with their water heaters. As the tank ages, it can create tiny cracks within the unit that can contribute to leaks along the sides of the tank. However, water coming out of the top of the unit can be a sign of a loose connection.

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