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This feeder uses a tension spring system to prevent squirrels from accessing the seeds while allowing  six birds to feed at once.

Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

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Finches prefer Nyjer (thistle) seeds, which are expensive and require a specialty feeder to dispense it.

Finch Feeder

This simple bird feeder requires no assembly and easily attracts a variety of birds, including ground feeders such as juncos, doves, and sparrows.

Tray Bird Feeder

With this feeder, beneficial suet can be offered year-round. It's especially good for birds in fall and winter.

Cake Suet Feeder

This dish-style hummingbird feeder is simple to fill and clean, and the hummers are attracted to the bright red color.

Hummingbird Feeder

Shepherd’s hooks are a convenient way to hang bird feeders and other garden decor nearly anywhere in your yard.

Shepherd’s Hook

This birdhouse is designed for bluebirds, but other cavities nesters, such as tree swallows, chickadees, house wrens, and house sparrows, can also take up home in a bluebird box.

Cedar Birdhouse

A classic, pedestal-style birdbath is a practical and lovely way to add visual interest to your landscape while providing birds with a necessary resource.

Ceramic Birdbath

This solar fountain features six nozzles with fun spray patterns, allowing you to customize fountain spray effects.

Solar Fountain

This handy device features a built-in thermostat that conserves energy on warmer days when the water doesn’t need heating.

Birdbath Deicer

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