Red Dragon  Mini Weed Torch

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What is the Red Dragon  weed torch?

The Red Dragon weed torch is a compact weed burner that features a 1-inch-diameter bell, and a thumb-screw-style valve that attaches to a small propane cartridge.

Red Dragon Mini Weed  Torch: Pros

– Strong pinpoint flame quickly kills weeds without damaging other nearby plants

– Compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to transport, carry, and store

Red Dragon Mini Weed  Torch: Cons

– Igniter is not integrated into the design, so it could be easy to misplace

– Small flame is less efficient for wide-area weed control

Is the Red Dragon weed  torch easy to use?

The lightweight construction, long tube, and balanced design made it very easy for us to maneuver without bending and with minimal reaching.

Is the Red Dragon weed  torch worth the money?

The flow-control valve on this model is capable of higher heat (25,000 BTUs) than any similar models we’ve seen. Overall, the price to value makes it a good buy.

Is the Red Dragon weed  torch right for you?

It is easier to carry than a backpack sprayer, easier to use than a spray bottle, and it kills weeds on contact. Anyone spending money on herbicides and wanting to make a change will find the Red Dragon weed torch deserving of consideration.

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