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Key Characteristics: Broad-tailed hummingbirds are typically about 4 to 4¼ inches long and can be easily identified by their rosy-red/pinkish throats.

Allen’s Hummingbird

Key Characteristics: This is a stocky hummingbird with bronze and green coloring (though females feature paler hues) and straight bill.

Key Characteristics: Look for the iridescent purple throat to identify the black-chinned hummingbird.

Key Characteristics: Identifiable by their larger size and the male’s brilliant blue-green throats, the magnificent hummingbird isn’t shy around humans.

Rivoli’s Hummingbird

Key Characteristics: Their large size is the first indicator of their identity, although the telltale green throat, violet crown, and white spot behind the eye also give away the Rivoli’s hummingbird’s identity.

Key Characteristics: The name says it all: this hummer is rufous (reddish brown) all over. Medium-size hummingbirds with a straight, black bill, they are easily spotted due to their bright chestnut color.

Key Characteristics: The dazzling blue gorget and long red-orange bill identify the colorful little broad-billed hummingbird.

Green-Breasted Mango

Key Characteristics: One of the bigger hummingbird varieties, the green-breasted mango is colorful, with green upperparts and magenta outer tail feathers.

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