Gas Stove or Not

This Is the Proper Way

to Use Your Range Hood

Running the fan for several minutes before firing up the stove can help create suction and get the venting system going.

1. When should we turn on our range hood?

Let the range hood run for 10 to 15 minutes after you’re finished cooking to clear out any additional smoke, exhaust, and strong odors.

2. How long should we leave the hood on?

The blower wheel, which often collects dirt and grease, can be removed and cleaned with a degreaser.

4. How do we clean the vent and fan?

There are two kinds of filters: metal and charcoal. Metal filters should be cleaned about every 3 months. Charcoal filters, on the other hand, can’t be cleaned. They should be replaced annually.

5. How do we maintain the range hood filter?

The best way to keep grease under control is to prevent it from splattering while cooking.

6. How can we minimize grease buildup?

Try to avoid dented, warped, damaged, or uneven cookware that can trap grease and smoke.

8. How do we choose the  best cookware to reduce smoke and steam?

The screws are usually the culprit of the racket—tighten them.

9. What do we do if the fan is too noisy?

First, try changing the light bulbs. If that doesn’t help, then check the wiring and connections for any loose parts or short-circuit issues.

10. How do we keep the  lights working?

In addition to all of the tips mentioned previously, try running the hood at lower speeds to preserve the motor.

12. How do we prolong the life of the range hood?

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