Debbie Wolfe


Debbie Wolfe is an author and freelance writer in a variety of niches. She specializes in home, garden, DIY, and lifestyle topics. Debbie has written for leading online media outlets and online retailers, including HGTV, The Home Depot, Walmart, Family Handyman, Realtor, and more. Her book, Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts, from Skyhorse Publishing, features a variety of practical DIY projects to beautify your garden and home. Debbie holds a degree in Creative Writing and Earth Science from Northland College. When not writing, Debbie spends her time reading, gardening, cooking, and keeping up with her active family in the deep South.

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The Best Sewing Machines for Beginners and Beyond

Sewing machines are great for hemming pants and curtains and other minor alterations. With a good one, you can repair your throw pillows, mend the seams on a tent, or stitch that rip in y...

AUGUST 23, 2020 | SUNDAY
The Best Hand Soaps for a Healthy Home

Hand-washing with soap and water is a basic daily routine for most. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), regular hand washing is one of the best ways to banish germs to avo...

AUGUST 23, 2020 | SUNDAY
The Best Disposable Gloves for the Home

Disposable gloves are standard equipment in the medical, food prep, and cleaning industries. They’re an inexpensive way to protect hands from harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, dirt, a...

AUGUST 21, 2020 | FRIDAY
The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers to Protect Your Patio Set and Grill

After you’ve found comfortable outdoor seating that is the right size for your patio, you’ll likely want to keep it safe from snow, rain, harsh sun, hail, and other weather that can fade ...

The Best Desk Lamps for Office Lighting

When it comes to productivity and accuracy while working at your computer desk or worktable, the right lighting is vital. Without suitable lighting, it can be uncomfortable squinting at y...

The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets for a Restful Sleep

Weighted blankets have been around for years as a tool for in-home therapy. These blankets are traditionally made by quilting pockets of dense beads between layers of a soft, fuzzy materi...

The Best Wine Openers for Your Home Bar

Human beings have enjoyed wine for centuries for social, personal, and religious occasions. It not only tastes great, especially when paired with the right food, it may also be good for y...

AUGUST 17, 2020 | MONDAY
The Best Mattress Toppers for a Comfier Bed

Mattress toppers offer an inexpensive option to upgrade your mattress. They are available in various sizes, materials, and price points. The best mattress topper will not only help you ge...

The Best Night Lights for the Home

A night light is no longer just a simple plug-in used to soothe a child’s fear of the dark. The best night lights are small, low-power electric or battery-operated lights that illuminate ...

JULY 20, 2020 | MONDAY
The Best Tile Cleaners for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Tile floors are common in kitchens and bathrooms because they are waterproof, durable, relatively easy to clean, and look great. Yes, you can use an all-purpose cleaner on them, but to th...