Debra Immergut


Formerly the Editor in Chief of, Debra Immergut writes about homes and design for The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and other leading publications. Ms. Immergut holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan as well as Master's of Fine Arts degree from the Iowa's Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa. Her first novel, Captives, was published in 2018 by Harper Collins. Debra Immergut on Twitter | LinkedIn

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JULY 30, 2015 | THURSDAY
9 "Zero Dollar" DIY Organizing Solutions

Buying stuff is fun—but spending money on items to sort and corral all that stuff? Less fun. The good news: Sturdy, useful, and very stylish storage can be yours for free if you know wher...

JULY 24, 2015 | FRIDAY
5 Things to Do with... Charcoal

It's a safe bet that you consider your grill's bag of fuel a summer essential. Come the weekend, when you set the dusty black cubes alight, they transform standard raw burgers or steaks i...

8 Things You Can Make with 2x4s

The first thing you need to know about 2x4s: They don’t actually measure two by four! These boards, which you can find in any lumberyard or home improvement store, in lengths from 6 to 12...

JULY 16, 2015 | THURSDAY
10 Smart Storage Tricks for a Tiny Bathroom

A bathroom doesn’t need to be vast to feel comfortable, soothing, and elegantly efficient. A smaller space just requires some well-planned storage options and a clean, welcoming decor. Th...

10 Inventive Designs for a DIY Garden Fountain

The soothing sound of flowing water has long been a feature of celebrated gardens around the world. Not only does a fountain add welcome beauty to an outdoor space, but it also provides a...

7 Extraordinary Household Uses for Beer

According to the Beer Institute, a group that represents 2,800 U.S. brewers and suppliers, the making and selling of Americans’ favorite alcoholic drink is a $264.5 billion industry—so it...

Buy or DIY: 10 Room Dividers to Remake Your Space

Practical, flexible, and customizable, the room divider is one of the unsung heroes of the home design toolkit. An attractive version can add textural interest to a bland space, define li...

JUNE 22, 2015 | MONDAY
Own Your Open Floor Plan with 8 Smart Design Tricks

Open floor plans are perfect for the modern family: flexible, airy, and interactive. But when it comes to decorating an expansive interior for maximum comfort and function, it can be tric...

MAY 28, 2015 | THURSDAY
10 Artful Uses for Old Frames

An empty picture frame is the quintessential blank slate. Sure, you can fill it with a photo of your dog, a poster, or a drawing. But why not take it further? With a little outside-the-bo...

Stay Sharp: 12 Knife Storage Options to Buy or DIY

A well-honed blade is probably the most important tool in any kitchen. No self-respecting chef would dream of prepping a meal without a set of trusty slicers and choppers. Storage, howeve...