Emily Benda Gaylord


Name: Emily Benda Gaylord

Title: Freelance writer

Emily Benda Gaylord is a freelance writer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She joined the Bobvila.com team in 2022 and specializes in real estate, interior design, home entertaining and lifestyle categories.

Expertise & Experience

Emily’s love for home design and real estate began at a young age surrounded by her family’s real estate business. Now as a writer, she uses her background and knowledge to help others understand the complexities of real estate or the potential of interior design with clear, digestible content. She’s covered style trends and interviewed interior designers for publications like Traditional Home and investigated local real estate development for Ann Arbor Concentrate. She also works as a consultant to brokerages and agents on branding, social media, and content strategy.

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JULY 31, 2023 | MONDAY
14 Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

Above-ground pools remain a popular and budget-friendly option for creating a fun and refreshing outdoor spot. If you want to install an above-ground pool, you may be wondering how to pla...

JULY 28, 2023 | FRIDAY
16 Small Patio Ideas That Are Big on Charm

Just because your patio is petite doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it in a beautiful, welcoming way. Smart design solutions, such as creating a vertical garden or adding a striking umbrell...

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Don't Fall for These 10 Home Improvement Scams

You’re ready to tackle your next home improvement project, and all you need is a contractor to take on the job. While it may be convenient to use the contractor who left a flyer at your d...

JUNE 22, 2023 | THURSDAY
Safely Unclog Any Drain With These 9 Drano Alternatives

Clogged drains are a common, albeit annoying, occurrence in any home. While it may be tempting to pick up a container of Drano to fix blocked pipes, most plumbers warn against using the c...

JUNE 20, 2023 | TUESDAY
Home Appraisal vs. Inspection: Key Differences All Buyers and Sellers Should Know

Even though both a home inspection and a home appraisal involve a certified professional visiting a house and evaluating the property, they are done for different reasons and at different...

APRIL 28, 2023 | FRIDAY
Solved! What Is Title Insurance for a House?

Q: I’m about to buy my first house and was told I needed to get title insurance. What is title insurance for a house, and do I really need it?A: Title insurance for a house protects your ...

The State of Renting in 2023: What All Tenants and Landlords Need to Know

Welcome to The State of Rentals with Bob Vila, a series dedicated to showing both landlords and tenants the crucial steps in finding the right property, potential challenges with renting,...

10 of the Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the U.S.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, or invest in a parcel on which to park your RV and enjoy the great outdoors, the dream starts with having a slice of land to call your own...

Solved! Is Home Title Theft Real?

Q: I saw on the news that criminals can steal your home title through identity fraud. Is home title theft real? How common is it?A: Yes, home title theft is real. Identity theft, in gener...

How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

A morning espresso is a boost that can help start the day off right, and, for many, a Nespresso machine is the magical appliance that makes it happen. But to avoid any machine sputters or...