Glenda Taylor


Glenda Taylor is a freelance writer for the residential remodeling, homebuilding, and commercial roofing industries.

She and her husband have been general contractors for over 20 years, and Ms. Taylor has written for leading media outlets, including the Houston Chronicle, SFGate, and the eHow Now Live Handyman Channel (a division of as well as National Association of Homebuilders. In addition to her construction experience, Ms. Taylor is a Master Gardener, a former real estate professional, a universal design enthusiast, and an advocate for green building practices. The recipient of Journalism and Marketing degrees from the University of Kansas and Bauder College respectively, she enjoys life on a farm in the Midwest with her husband and their "children"—five Saint Bernards! Connect with Glenda Taylor on LinkedIn.

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MAY 31, 2021 | MONDAY
7 Types of Pine Trees That are Great for Home Landscapes

Easily recognized by their needle-type foliage, cone-bearing pine trees are evergreen, making them desirable in the home landscape for their year-round beauty. While there are more than 1...

MAY 28, 2021 | FRIDAY
10 Types of Bees All Homeowners Should Know

You might be surprised to learn there are more than 20,000 types of bees in existence, and a whopping 4,000 of those call the U. S. home, according to the U. S. Geological Survey. Bees ar...

MAY 28, 2021 | FRIDAY
How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost?

Typical Range: $75 to $193 National Average: $129Aerating the lawn often involves removing narrow plugs of soil to reduce soil compaction, which in turn allows grass roots to spread ou...

MAY 20, 2021 | THURSDAY
7 Quick and Easy DIYs to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Adding interest and value to the landscape doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. These seven concrete projects will create a fresh new look to your yard—and they're DIY-friendly. <b...

MAY 19, 2021 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Soil Test Kits of 2022

Plants need light, oxygen, water, and a growing medium that meets their nutritional needs. Commercial and natural fertilizers can provide essential nutrients that soil may lack. Still, to...

MAY 18, 2021 | TUESDAY
Hardiness Zones 101: What All Home Gardeners Need to Know

Sometimes called “growing zones” or “gardening zones,” hardiness zones refer to a map developed by the USDA that separates the United States into regions based on the average low winter t...

MAY 11, 2021 | TUESDAY
The Best Stump Killers of 2023

Trees are majestic in the landscape, but not all trees are desirable, such as those that grow beneath power lines or right next to fences. The owner may cut the tree down, but the stump a...

MAY 10, 2021 | MONDAY
The Best Black Mulch for Your Landscaping Needs

Whether you’re growing a vegetable garden or prize roses, adding mulch around the base of plants can be an attractive and practical touch. In addition to reducing the amount of water need...

APRIL 30, 2021 | FRIDAY
3-Way Switch Wiring: A Step-by-Step Guide

In a standard, single-pole switch, one light switch controls one light fixture—on/off. Things get a bit trickier with 3-way switch wiring, in which there are two switches and one light. W...

APRIL 30, 2021 | FRIDAY
The Best Seed Starting Mixes of 2023

When the weather warms, gardeners often head outdoors to sow quick-sprout vegetables, such as cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes. Starting seeds indoors is also a rewarding, economical way t...