Glenda Taylor


Name: Glenda Taylor

Title: Staff Writer,

Glenda Taylor is a freelance writer for the residential remodeling, home building, and home improvement industries. She started writing for in 2016 and covers a range of topics, including construction methods, code compliance, tool use, and the latest news in the housing and real estate industries.  

Expertise and Experience

Glenda and her husband are residential contractors. She’s written for leading media outlets including the Houston Chronicle and SFGATE. She was the manager of the former eHow Now Live Handyman Channel (a division of, and her work has appeared on This Old House and the National Association of Home Builders

In addition to her construction experience, Glenda is a master gardener, a former real estate professional, a universal design enthusiast, and an advocate for green building practices. She also serves on her county’s Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board.

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