Glenda Taylor


Glenda Taylor is a freelance writer for the residential remodeling, homebuilding, and commercial roofing industries. She and her husband have been general contractors for over 20 years, and Ms. Taylor has written for leading media outlets, including the Houston Chronicle, SFGate, and the eHow Now Live Handyman Channel (a division of as well as National Association of Homebuilders. In addition to her construction experience, Ms. Taylor is a Master Gardener, a former real estate professional, a universal design enthusiast, and an advocate for green building practices. The recipient of Journalism and Marketing degrees from the University of Kansas and Bauder College respectively, she enjoys life on a farm in the Midwest with her husband and their "children"—five Saint Bernards! Connect with Glenda Taylor on LinkedIn.

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JULY 15, 2019 | MONDAY
The Secrets to Pouring Concrete in the Heat of Summer

While summer sunshine encourages outdoor projects, it also poses its own set of challenges. Ahead, learn how to beat the heat when pouring garden edging, patio slabs, and more in your yar...

JULY 12, 2019 | FRIDAY
15 Little Signs Your House Has a Big Problem

Some house problems are obvious from the get-go—for instance, you know you’re in trouble when raw sewage starts backing up in your basement shower. Other problems, however, are not as app...

JULY 11, 2019 | THURSDAY
What to Expect When You Hear the Words "Summer Kitchen"

If you’re house hunting and come across the term “summer kitchen” in a real estate listing, you’re in for a treat. If, that is, the mention refers to one of the few authentic summer kitch...

A Flipper’s Top 10 Tips for Increasing Home Value

You’ve seen the infomercial—all you have to do is order the video and you’ll be making a fortune flipping houses. The reality of house-flipping is slightly different, and while many peopl...

JULY 2, 2019 | TUESDAY
10 Tips to Master the Art of Low-Ball Real Estate Offers

Buying a house is the single most expensive purchase most people will ever make, so it pays to know a few savvy negotiation tips before submitting an offer. An offer that’s more than 15% ...

JULY 1, 2019 | MONDAY
Solved! Where to Place the Smoke Detectors in Your House

Q: We’re building a large addition on our house—to include two bedrooms, a vaulted great room, and two additional bathrooms. So, where do we put smoke detectors for the greatest fire safe...

JUNE 29, 2019 | SATURDAY
The Best Wheelbarrows, According to DIYers

If you spend any time gardening or landscaping, you’ve got to have a good wheelbarrow. While these lowly vehicles may look similar, they’re not all designed to accomplish the same tasks. ...

JUNE 28, 2019 | FRIDAY
PEX vs. Copper: Which Pipes are Right for My Home?

Once the top choice for all water supply pipes, copper has been nudged a bit to the side by flexible pipes made from cross-linked polyethylene, “PEX” for short. While copper still plays a...

JUNE 27, 2019 | THURSDAY
I Installed Solar Panels on My Roof and Here’s What Happened

In the past few decades, solar panels have gone from an expensive novelty to an increasingly popular source of power generation. Today, more and more homeowners are using solar to fill so...

JUNE 24, 2019 | MONDAY
Solved! How Long You Can Expect Your Roof to Last

Q: We recently bought a house and its roof is 15 years old. While the home inspector didn’t find any specific problems, I wonder how much longer the roof might hold up. I don’t want to in...