Jenn Ryan


Jenn Ryan is a freelance writer who loves exploring eco-friendly and recycled options for home improvement projects. A Penn State English grad, Jenn enjoys researching and learning new things and is a sucker for reclaimed barnwood floors, green living, and Talavera tile. When she’s not writing, you can find her playing with her two rescued bunnies, enjoying a cup of herbal tea, or running down the road wearing biodegradable glitter. Find out more about Jenn and her work at

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RSI Maze Two-Stage Compost Tumbler: Is it Worth It?

In hands-on testing of five of the best compost tumblers on the market, the RSI Maze 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler topped the list. This large compost tumbler beat out others because of its d...

The Best Solar Lanterns for 2022

 Solar-powered lanterns are similar to traditional lanterns, but instead of relying on batteries or electricity to work, they use small solar panels to convert sunlight into usable energy...

JULY 28, 2022 | THURSDAY
Earthship Homes: Are They the Next Big Sustainable Housing Trend?

If you’re curious about off-grid living, you may have heard of an Earthship. Earthship homes are built partially into the earth out of upcycled and natural materials and constructed to be...

JULY 28, 2022 | THURSDAY
8 Important Things to Know About Home Wind Turbines

Installing a residential wind turbine can help generate clean energy for your home, RV, or even a boat or camper. However, a wind turbine for home use is an investment, and as such, it’s ...

JUNE 30, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Mushroom-Growing Kits of 2022

Mushroom-growing kits contain everything one needs to grow their own mushrooms at home. Growing kits include different varieties of mushrooms for those who want to grow a special type of ...

The Best Rain Barrels of 2022

Using a rain barrel is an easy way to lessen a household’s impact on the environment, and it helps to save some money by reducing municipal water consumption. Larger rain barrels can bene...

APRIL 1, 2022 | FRIDAY
20 Smart Spring Cleaning Tips for Sustainably Minded Homeowners

An incredible 92 percent of Americans are considering what they can do to make their spring cleaning practices friendlier to the environment and healthier for their families. As consumers...

The Best Home Wind Turbines of 2022

 Home wind turbines provide a way to independently generate power. They typically contain three blades and use the wind to create electricity. Some wind turbines can be used with solar pa...

MARCH 29, 2022 | TUESDAY
The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Under $15

Eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming a staple in many households as buyers become more aware of toxic chemicals in conventional products. Although eco-friendly products tend to cos...

The Best Grow Tents of 2022

Grow tents can be a must for hydroponic gardening, which is increasing in popularity thanks to the flexibility it offers growers who are lacking in soil space. Grow tents can be used insi...