Jenn Ryan


Name: Jenn Ryan

Title: Contributing Writer

Since 2015, Jenn Ryan has been a freelance writer with a focus on natural health, eco-friendly products, and wellness. She’s been writing for since 2020 and covers natural alternatives to conventional products, solar solutions, and environmental topics.

Expertise and Experience

As a freelance writer, Jenn covers many different topics, including green buildings, natural and sustainable skin care products, natural health remedies, and disease prevention—and she absolutely loves learning about new things through her work. She is also knowledgeable in dentistry, especially preventive and restorative care—topics she has covered since she started as a writer in 2015. “I actually really love teeth,” she says, “and keep my four removed wisdom teeth on my desk when I’m writing!”

When she has free time, she enjoys writing about her personal growth and health on her blog at

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