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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Standby Generator

This content has been brought to you by Kohler. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. When the power goes out, most people focus on issues such as lack of light and heat. But ...

JULY 31, 2023 | MONDAY
Pet Playground: 12 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Pet Friendly

According to experts, having a dog or cat can be great for one’s physical and mental health. Everywhere across America, pet lovers find ways to turn their patios into a space their animal...

JULY 31, 2023 | MONDAY
11 Ways to Prep Your Backyard Tree for Playtime Fun

Climbing trees, treetop forts, and swings are childhood staples. But what kind of tree works best for these kinds of activities and how do you ensure fun but safe tree play? If you have y...

JULY 31, 2023 | MONDAY
20 Garden Lighting Ideas to Add Interest to Your Landscape

The plants, flowers, and produce in your garden beds and boxes look glorious in daylight, but once the sun sets, they’re left unappreciated in the dark. Introducing some of our favorite g...

JULY 28, 2023 | FRIDAY
What to Plant in August to Keep Your Garden Growing Through Fall

Do you think it’s too late in the year to get into the garden? Actually, August is a great time to pick up your gardening gloves and tools and get to work. Whether you’re having a really ...

JULY 28, 2023 | FRIDAY
Solved! The Great Debate on Using Electroculture to Boost Plant Health

Q: I’m interested in learning new techniques to make my garden thrive without chemicals. Other gardeners have mentioned trying electroculture. How does electroculture gardening work, and ...

JULY 14, 2023 | FRIDAY
Seeing Double? 9 Examples of a Growing Kitchen Trend

People are gathering in kitchens like never before—not just to cook but to dine, socialize, even perform work-from-home tasks—which makes multiple counter surfaces and storage areas more ...

The Great Debate: Does Every Home Need a Bathtub?

There are shower people, and then there are bath people. While these two groups may be able to debate the advantages and disadvantages of having a bathtub in a home from sunrise to sunset...

Cool Ways Communities Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally, Pride Month is more than a party. It’s a way to uplift, support, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ voices, culture, and liberties. Prid...

JUNE 2, 2023 | FRIDAY
9 Wildly Expensive Pieces of Furniture People Actually Buy

Furniture helps give a home personality. It’s a testament to your style and tells visitors a bit about the people who live there. Even though expensive doesn’t automatically translate to ...