Kat Hodgins, Contributing Writer

Kat Hodgins

Contributing Writer


  • Experience and interests: A certified insurance benefits professional, nature enthusiast, recreational climber, and chocolate connoisseur enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest 
  • Education: Diploma in writing and publishing from Okanagan College in British Columbia, Canada, and pursuing a degree in English and communications from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada
  • Other work: Published in both major print and online publications and micro-press publications


Kat Hodgins is a freelance copy and content writer based out of Vancouver, Canada. This lifelong DIYer and hands-on learner has been a freelance writer for over a decade and a BobVila.com contributor since 2020. With an affinity for jumping headfirst into home projects and finding products that make home life easier, Kat’s major contributions to the Bob Vila team are in DIY ventures and home goods.

Best DIY Advice

“Never be intimidated by a project. You don’t have to be an expert, but it helps to know one or two that you can call if you have any questions—just don’t let them do the work for you (that’s cheating).”

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