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The 12 Most Common Renovations for Empty Nesters

When there are children at home, the house goes through a lot of wear and tear, making it hard to justify certain fixes or upgrades. From chipped paint to scuffed floors, dents to stains,...

8 Things You Can Start Doing Now So You're Not Stressed for the Winter Holidays

It’s that time of year—the holiday decor is starting to fill store shelves. Though it may seem way too soon, these festive aisles serve as a great reminder to check a few items off your t...

Closing Down Your Summer Garden: 5 Tips to Make the Most of This Transition Time

What’s happening in your garden as summer shifts to fall? Whether you’re calling it quits for the year, or you’re trying to squeeze one last growing cycle in before the frost hits, there’...

Solved! The Great Debate on Using Salt to Kill Weeds

Q: I want an environmentally friendly garden and yard, but weeds keep popping up. I’ve heard of others using salt as a weed killer. Does salt kill weeds, and if so, what do I need to know...

JULY 28, 2022 | THURSDAY
9 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Material Samples From Your Renovation Projects

Whether you’re redoing your floors, installing new counters, or reupholstering the couch, it’s likely you’ve amassed a selection of different samples as you decide which material to choos...

JULY 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
5 Things to Do With Weeds After You Pull Them

Weeds are tricky plants, aren’t they? Even when you pull them out of your lawn or garden beds by the root, they seem to find a way back. This is because many weeds are able to regrow from...

JULY 25, 2022 | MONDAY
4 Things to Know About Gardening Late in the Season

So, you missed the boat on starting your vegetable garden back in spring. Is it too late to plant a garden now that will be ready for harvest come fall or winter? Maybe not! Whether you’r...

JULY 21, 2022 | THURSDAY
Flower Power: 10 Surprising Facts About Sunflowers

Loved by people and pollinators alike, sunflowers are tall annual beauties that can grow to immense heights. Some species of sunflower tower over your head. Meanwhile, dwarf varieties can...

JUNE 27, 2022 | MONDAY
18 Shrubs That Thrive in Full Sun

Because plants derive their energy from sunlight, most flowering shrubs like lots of it. Of course, that often depends on the intensity of the light, which tends to be stronger the nearer...

How to Keep Your Garden Happy While You Are on Vacation

There are few things as satisfying as watching your garden change through the growing season and enjoying the literal fruits of your labor. Gardens take a lot of work and require consiste...