Mel Childs


Melisha “Mel” Childs owns her own writing company administratively located in metro Atlanta. She is an author and screenwriter but also writes content for the home improvement niche and other niches. Mel is a writer for, which provides cost guides for DIYers and others interested in getting accurate costs for home repairs. In the past, she has written for Upscale Magazine and Black EOE Journal. She is also currently studying to be a real estate agent. Mel is honored to join the team writing for because she grew up watching his TV shows on PBS. Connect with Mel on LinkedIn.

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5 Ways Selling a Condo Differs From Selling a House

Selling a condo, townhome, or house can be daunting, and if you’re a condo owner, your sales tactics need to be tailored to your property type. If you can market your condo or townhouse w...

AUGUST 19, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Closet Design Companies of 2022

Have countless closet organization attempts proved useless? Do the closet contents look cluttered, no matter how many storage bins and hanging organizers are used? It’s nice to know that ...

Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent: Key Differences All Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know

If you intend to sell or buy a home, you will likely need the help of an experienced real estate professional to help you with the details of the complicated transaction. The two most com...

JUNE 23, 2022 | THURSDAY
Should I Include an Escalation Clause in My Real Estate Offer?

Q: I’m thinking about making an offer on a property. My real estate agent suggested that I should include an escalation clause. However, I’m confident I can buy this house because there a...

APRIL 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Interior Design Schools of 2022

Interior design is much more complicated than arranging furniture in a room. It is critical for designers to also know about complex design issues, including the functionality of a space,...

APRIL 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
Will That Renovation Really Increase Your Home's Value?

Are you thinking about refinancing or selling your home? Then it’s helpful to know its value, and a home value estimator website is a great place to start. If you’re serious about selling...

APRIL 19, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Interior Design Services of 2022

Hiring an interior designer used to seem like a luxury—something reserved for celebrities or royalty. But now, there are many interior design services to cater to any budget. Interior des...

APRIL 1, 2022 | FRIDAY
What to Expect When Buying a House with Cash

Some home buyers don’t have to take out a mortgage on a home because they have enough cash. Perhaps they’ve earned the money, won the lottery, or received a generous inheritance and are w...

The Best Real Estate Websites of 2022

There was once a time when looking for a home involved driving through countless neighborhoods looking for “For Sale” signs or finding out about properties through the classified ads. Whi...

MARCH 25, 2022 | FRIDAY
How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost to Hire?

Typical Range: $1,893 to $12,000 National Average: $6,300The cost of hiring an interior designer can start relatively low but get extremely pricey, with the average cost ranging betwee...