Miranda Siwak


Miranda Siwak is an Associate Editor for Acton Media’s Special Projects team where she writes and edits licensed content for BobVila.com. After graduating with a degree in journalism, Miranda pursued a career as a lifestyle writer and editor, covering news and features for several publications, including Moms.com, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Zimbio, The Toy Insider, and The Pop Insider. Additionally, she loved fusing her professional editorial experience with her personal interest in all things interiors and DIY when she wrote for Good Housekeeping and Interior Design magazines. When she’s not covering the latest news and trends, Miranda can usually be found reading a good book, searching for her next DIY project, or reorganizing her apartment to make the small space more efficient.

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Study Finds Two-Thirds of Millennials Regret Buying Their Homes

Buying your first home is a rite of passage into adulthood. Yet, in a competitive real estate market, it’s common for buyers to rush into buying a home, possibly even enduring a bidding w...

JUNE 18, 2021 | FRIDAY
This is the Ultimate IKEA Hack for Plant Parents

Residents of small apartments or houses may have little extra space for plants. However, some IKEA customers have been sharing their genius hacks to make stylish yet functional plant solu...

JUNE 7, 2021 | MONDAY
8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

One of the best parts of traveling is staying in plush oases that combine relaxation and entertainment in one luxe package. To stand out from the crowd, many hotels, Airbnbs, and resorts ...

MAY 31, 2021 | MONDAY
Important Deck Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

According to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), more than 50 million homes have outdoor decks, and about 30 million of them are past their peak and need to be replac...

MAY 27, 2021 | THURSDAY
This New Bed Bath & Beyond Collection Offers Home Decor Starting at $1

You don’t need to drop a ton of cash to decorate your home, thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond’s inexpensive new ‘Simply Essential’ collection.

MAY 19, 2021 | WEDNESDAY
Data Shows This Listing Trick Sells Homes for More Money

If you’re about to put your house on the market, you likely have a laundry list of things to fix, open houses to organize, and real estate listings to write. In the end, all of these task...

MAY 4, 2021 | TUESDAY
This LinkedIn Hack Makes it a Breeze to Work Outside in the Sun

After a year of working from home, it’s easy to go a bit stir-crazy staring at the same office or living room walls. Setting up shop outside in your backyard or on your patio is an easy w...

APRIL 30, 2021 | FRIDAY
11 Deck Lighting Ideas for Illuminating Your Outdoor Space

String lights, pendants and other kinds of lighting can make your deck safer—and more stylish—when the sun goes down.

This is How the Pandemic has Changed What Renters Really Want

The events of the past year or so have shifted our priorities and livelihoods tremendously, including how we use our living spaces. Real estate rental company Zumper conducted a survey to...

APRIL 16, 2021 | FRIDAY
7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Pillow

One of the most important parts of your bedding is a pillow that can support your head and neck throughout the night to ensure you don’t wake up with pain or stiffness. However, most pill...