Nicole Fallon


Name: Nicole Fallon-Peek

Title: Contributing Writer

Nicole Fallon-Peek writes for on home improvement topics, calling on the experience she gained working over many summers and weekends for her father’s general contracting firm—experience that also equipped her to carry out a full home renovation during the pandemic. When not immersed in home DIY projects, she and her husband are busy running their own content marketing agency and experimenting with fancy ingredients in their newly upgraded kitchen.

Expertise and Experience

When Nicole was 3 years old, her general contractor father bought her a set of play tools, and she “helped” him build a custom playhouse in their backyard. “Ever since then,” she says, “I’ve loved building and fixing things around the house.”

As a teenager, Nicole would go to jobsites with her dad to help out, mostly by hauling trash to the dumpster. As she got older, she started pitching in on decks, basement remodels, kitchens, window replacements, and other jobs—experience that served her well on her own DIY home renovations as an adult.

Outside of her current “weekend warrior” home projects, Nicole manages Fallon Contracting’s website, blog, social media, and public relations efforts through her content marketing agency, Lightning Media Partners.

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