Nina Malkin


Name: Nina Malkin

Title: Contributing Writer and Editor

Nina Malkin began her journalism career in the magazine industry with diverse “beats” including entertainment, lifestyle, and relationships. She’s also a published novelist. Her interest in the shelter arena began when she started freelancing for the Bob Vila team in 2016.

Expertise and Experience

Nina’s career has always followed her passions. As a young person, she worked on staff as a copywriter at national women’s magazines, including Mademoiselle and Elle. When she went freelance, she wrote mostly about music, movies, and TV for publications large and small. She also has had five works of fiction published, including the paranormal romance Swoon (Simon & Schuster). Soon after returning to a staff position as a deputy editor at Teen People, she and her husband bought a turn-of-the-century Brooklyn brownstone—hence her interest in the shelter arena.

Within this beat, Nina developed a niche writing about DIY, crafts, and home improvement, especially “before and after” articles. She is also avidly involved in animal rescue—her memoir, An Unlikely Cat Lady: Feral Adventures in the Backyard Jungle (The Lyons Press), chronicles her early experiences in Trap-Neuter-Return.

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