Rachel Elmkies


A lover of all things related to home design, architecture, and city planning, Ms. Elmkies, a graduate of Hunter College with a degree in Urban Studies, formerly served as the Associate Editor of BobVila.com and now continues her career as an associate with The Center for New York City Neighborhoods. Rachel Elmkies on LinkedIn

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Genius! The Emergency Essential You Can Make with Cardboard and a Can

No matter who you are—Boy Scout, first-time renter, or veteran homeowner—the small but mighty flashlight is an invaluable addition to any toolkit. Portable light comes in handy for everyt...

AUGUST 28, 2015 | FRIDAY
5 Things to Do with… Ice Cubes

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool drink on the rocks—but a cup of ice cubes can do a lot more than quench your thirst. These versatile drink chillers work in a pinch to treat an...

Genius! The Soda Bottle Sprinkler

For most parents, the week of Labor Day is jam-packed with barbecues, parades, or back-to-school shopping. But for kids, the holiday is a bleak reminder that summer vacation is really ove...

AUGUST 21, 2015 | FRIDAY
Genius! This Hanger Hack Organizes More than Just Clothes

In most of the Western world, Sunday is the day of rest—and that means different things to different people. Do you spend yours with a book, wrapped in your blankets like a burrito? Or ar...

Genius! The Clean, Green DIY Washing Machine

When a new washing machine can cost up to $1,000, there are plenty of reasons to consider a cheaper alternative before trekking to the appliance store. Well, you can't get much cheaper th...

Genius! Remix Your Backsplash with Old CDs

Remember when your biggest problem was keeping your favorite CD from skipping? Times were simpler before iPhones, Netflix, and high-speed Internet conquered the world. Thanks to digital l...

JULY 30, 2015 | THURSDAY
Genius! Turn a Plastic Fork into a Tiny Screwdriver

Instructables user deluges, a self-described amateur tinkerer, has nothing against custom screws—just the added cost and hassle to remove them. Found on window guards, door locks, license...

JULY 24, 2015 | FRIDAY
Genius! Never Lose Your Keys Again with This Simple DIY

Tired of the frenzied search for your keys before leaving for work? You're not the only one. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average person misplaces up to nine items each day, ...

JULY 18, 2015 | SATURDAY
Genius! Make a Mini Greenhouse with Dollar-Store Photo Frames

Sure, your indoor plants might be doing just fine on their own with your current watering schedule and carefully selected locations. But what if we told you that they could be doing bette...

Genius! The Smartphone Speaker You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Everyone wants to be a DJ, but no one wants to buy the equipment—let alone figure out how to use it. This life hack won't replace store-bought speakers, but it's a perfect way to crank up...