Katarina Betterton, Contributing Writer

Katarina Betterton

Contributing Writer


  • Specialties and interests: Pest removal, dog-friendly home hacks, interior design, gardening
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts degrees from Rowan University in both public relations and advertising with a minor in new media (graduated summa cum laude). 
  • Other work: CO—by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Patch.com, A-Z Animals.com

Proudest DIY

Katarina’s proudest DIY was decorating her and her husband’s game room in their new house. As avid manga and anime fans, they struggled to find decor that complemented their home’s style while still aligning with their interests. They ended up creating a 14-foot manga wall, customized light boxes, and created a gallery of wall art of their favorite characters (the last one even led to the founding of an Etsy shop!).