Katie Ziraldo, Contributing Writer

Katie Ziraldo

Contributing Writer


  • Specialties: Personal finance, real estate, sustainable living
  • Other work: The Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post


Katie Ziraldo is a freelance writer and data journalist with a background in personal finance and real estate. With more than a decade of professional experience, Katie specializes in simplifying complex topics to create equitable, educational content. Her portfolio of work also includes The Detroit Free Press and Huffington Post. In her free time, you can find Katie hunting for home decor or cuddled up on the couch with her furry, four-legged friends.

Proudest DIY

Owning a dog that is of a breed officially considered “giant,” Katie is no stranger to some of the unique challenges homeowners face. As such, her proudest DIY projects and room redesigns typically center around space-saving techniques—because who wouldn’t seek out extra space when their dog is the size of a human?

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