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02:49PM | 08/20/12
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Hello, my wife has major health issues related to toxic mold exposure and we recently moved to a new home to try to maintain as close to a mold free environment as possible (she is now hypersensitive to any type of mold). I recently had to open up the exterior wall between the garage and house to do some work (small area of drywall) and found that the uninsulated metal A/C duct running through that wall has heavy condensation on it that has heavily soaked the paper backed fiberglass insulation in the wall. As I have seen from experience that mold can grow in insulation and on paper, it is of upmost concern to me. I could tear out and wrap all the duct work, but the house is only a few months old and under warranty and I don't want to go through the time and expense unless necessary. Couple questions: is this installation method normally allowable or should duct work be insulated and/or separated from fiberglass insulation in walls? Secondly, since this duct work is technically within the conditioned space of the home (it is behind the first floor family room), why would there be so much condensation? We keep the interior cool and dry. Finally, if there suspicion of faulty construction somehow based on this description, can I legitimately ask the builder to correct the problem?


11:01AM | 09/24/12
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Code will vary from state to state, county to county and city to city. If it's under warranty, I'd cash in on it and get it fixed. You shouldn't be having this issue.


02:58AM | 09/26/12
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Since your wife already has a history of allergies towards mold, you should really get that duct seen by a mold removal specialist, to make sure you install the right measures to prevent mold from growing.

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