11:12AM | 10/14/09
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Now you`re gonna hate me,...You`ve solved nothing if that board is sitting on the roofing shingles.

Some time when you get a chance,...Run a garden hose up to the peak, don`t wet the wall, after you`re up there, turn it on and let the hose sit on the roofing and run down the corner. Do`nt turn the hose up that much, While the water runs down the stepflashing, after about a half hour, check to see if there are streaks of water comming out in the middle or ends of the wall.

You can`t see this happening in the rain cuz the wall is already wety !!


11:16AM | 10/14/09
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Nope...not gonna' hate you at all. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge with me.

When the carpenter cut the shingles, he inserted the boards in the place where the shingles were and sealed them off with silicone. My hope is that the rain will run down the shingles the right over the boards. There is no gap.



01:48PM | 10/14/09
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Sounds logical, but the laws of gravity play a role in drainage. Water takes the least path of resistance. My concern is that the water going down the corner will soak in an travel horizontally across the wall BEHIND the board (or siding) wich is prolly why you lost the rotted shingles in the first place. Debris gets up in the corner and ripples or bridges the space, if no space this is certin to happen. I always keep my siding up off the roofing one half inch to let it flow and self clean. I do that test all the time to make sure it`s the roofing that is leaking not the siding. This action has direct access to the top of the stepflashing causeing a false sence of what`s leaking. Sucks doing a roof and have the same leak when you`re done cuz of the capilary action. Wont make that early on in my career mistake again. If your Tyvec paper covers the tops of the stepflashing,it wont leak, it will go to work on the siding.

Easy wat to see what I mean,....When driving around, look at the roofline on homes where it meets the walls,...when you see the green growth in that area near the roof...Guess what?? You`ll see alot of homes that do, and don`t,...guess why ?? Siding MUST be level and not rest on the roofing !! Coatings/paints are no match for growth !!


03:22PM | 10/14/09
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You know what...I understand your point. I think thuis is something I am going to have to keep an eye on then. My carpenter is a good guy, and if I detect a problem, I know he will be there to take care of it.

Amazing that all this goes back to the "wonderful" Spray on Siding ripoff. I was lucky to have found my "guy" after he changed business names 3 times and put me off for months. I DO have a call in to the Connecticut Consumer Protection Board and I understand that there is a division where they investigate problems with their licensees. I'm taking THAT angle nsxt. I should not have to had to undergo ANY of this aggrevation...and I am lucky. Some of the other stories here and to my private e-mail are heartbreaking.

My ultimate ambition is to find the national headquarters, I believe it WAS in NC before the owner (so I'm told) went belly up and is in jail on drug charges. This is a national scandal and I am doing my darndest to bring it to the attention of those who can do something about it.

Now maybe there are legitimate people in the business...and we never hear about them...but with the number of complaints I have read...there MUST be a solution that would incorporate ALL states where the spray on siding is failing. I know that my brother did his stucco house in West Palm Beach and has been happy with the results. So someone, doing it right.

I really appreciate your help and I WILL keep an eye on the new "roof trim". We're supposed to have a real stormy weekend here in RI, a good test to see if I can detect any issues.

All the best. Alan



06:59AM | 02/13/10
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I was skeptical about these type products from the beginning


11:06PM | 05/17/11
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Hi alglasser, I just received the following email from another person. "Ten years ago we had "liquid siding" put on our house by a company called "Home Restylers" of 921-F Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Matthews, NC. It took us 10 years to pay for it. The reason I'm saying this is for some time I have needed to contact them because of fading paint, rusting nails and other problems but alas I could not find my LIFETIME WARRANTY nor any information so-when I paid off the loan(along with the loan on the house) I found the name, address, ect. I went to the internet and was given an 800 number plus another number. To my surprise when I tried the 800 number I was directed to another 800 number which turned out to be a very sexy hot line. So today I tried entering Alvis Spray Siding of Matthews NC. I don't know just how I got on the screen of the E-mails re:the customers and their experiences with the "liquid siding" all different companies, of course, and different problems and how they could not reach the company and etc. What good is a Lifetime Warranty? How can they issue such documents? How can they legally get by with that and then just pull up and go somewhere else? I think I asked him that question and his answer to me was that the manufacture would always stand behind it. But I'm 82 and I don't have the necessary means to fight a legal battle and to pay more repair work will be hard as we have just finished paying for the other ($13,400)." This is extremely sad!!!

I was just wondering if you've had/found any more information regarding Alvis or spray on siding. I am getting ready to contact my local "On Your Side" news reporter to see if there is anything he can do for me or if he can give me any information on following up on this MESS. I'm also going to talk to him about a class action lawsuit.

Please contact me and let me know what is happening on your end.




01:14PM | 06/18/11
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We could really use some good suggestions on this really unfortunate situation....Yep we got it, the spray on siding with the Alvis Paint, and as I am researching, we cannot even locate the company that painted for us because they are out of business...I did take down the number you displayed for the Texture Coatins of America...
What about The Alvis Paint Co...??? How can I locate someone???
I am not getting responses of course, and I am trying to stay positive...All your help is so appreciated...
Thanks Pam


10:27PM | 09/07/12
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Hi Al, I hope all is well with you and yours!

I finally got in contact with the "Consumer Reporter" here in Jacksonville, FL, and I have attached a link to the story he did on my siding. As of now, he really hasn't had much success in finding any information about the company but hopefully we'll hear something soon and hopefully someone will see the story and give us more information. If I find out anything I'll post back here.

Take Care!

Johnny on the Spot

07:48PM | 11/21/12
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I am a general contractor in WA State, Elite Exteriors, Inc., and used to be an Alvis Dealer in 2003-04. I was searching for an alternative to vinyl siding when a homeowner wanted a maintenance-free home and still had serviceable existing siding. I was provided with adequate training on application of the product, but it is up to each of the dealers to ensure that they are applying the product correctly and overseeing the process. Because the Alvis company went out of business suddenly due to severe mismanagement, we found a new and extremely ethical, reputable manufacturer of a great coating to become affiliated with, CHIC Advanced Coating System. ( While the products are similar in make-up, they are not the same. There was nothing inherently wrong with the Alvis product, but the problems arose from installer misapplication. If the prep is not meticulously and properly done and the application done strictly according to manufacturer directions, the result will be less than desirable. This applies to all exteriors coatings. To back up a little, when Alvis was recruiting dealers, they had no criteria for acceptance of a new dealer other than that they had a license to operate and had the money to become a dealer. Some were entrepreneurs rather than painting or general contractors. Thus I believe that there may have been companies who became Alvis dealers who should not have. (The CHIC company interviewed and assessed prospective dealers and makes certain that each of their dealers is applying the product correctly.) Both of these products are upscale products and an alternative to painting or siding replacement where appropriate, and the cost is somewhere inbetween. It is an excellent option when the existing siding is properly assessed and it is properly applied. Alvis or any similar product will not perform as intended if it is not installed properly. But it will perform as intended if it is installed properly. All homeowners who have Alvis Spray on Siding or are considering any other similar lifetime, waterproof coating need to do their due diligence and research the house cleaning methods, application methods, the manufacturer, and the contractor selling and applying the product. The longer the contractor's history of application, obviously, the better. As always, ask for references and call them; drive by their homes. Nobody is going to give out a name of somebody they know to be unhappy, but if you can get enough names of happy, satisfied customers, that is about as good as it gets. We have now been with CHIC Advanced Coating System since 2004 when Alvis closed down and could not be happier with our association with a family-owned, debt-free company who makes a superior product and backs it with the best customer service and lifetime warranty we could ever ask for. We have coated dozens and dozens of homes without issue. I just cannot stress enough to homeowners that it is not the product, it is the application of the product that is defective. We have recently been contacted by an insurance adjuster to do a repair on a house coated with a similar type product. It is possible to do and to even get an exact color match. In this particular case, the insurance is paying for the repairs. If there are any homeowners out there experiencing problems with a coating, Alvis or any other product, and the contractor is either out of business our not responding, you do have options. If you happen to have a CHIC dealer near you, I would suggest you call to find out your options for getting a repair done. File an insurance claim, if you wish, or just get a bid from the contractor for the needed repairs. Of course, no contractor is going to do a repair on another contractor's work for nothing. I notice some of you out there are trying to track down the owner of a company who was applying Alvis Spray on Siding, and there may be options for some recourse, but generally if the contractor has shut down the business that you contracted with, he has no further liability. Sometimes the homeowner can do all the research, talk to references, and whatever else they choose to do to check out a contractor and problems still arise. Remodeling is not an exact science and sometimes problems do arise that are out of the control of the contractor. The key is in how the contractor handles the problem and if he supplies an adequate solution. Good luck to you all. And please remember, it is not the product that is defective!
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