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BK in Michigan

03:33PM | 08/26/03
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Re: Adding a bathroom on my lower level [re: Alabama]
08/26/03 01:40 PM Edit Reply

I have somewhat put the cart before the horse in my first time project of placing a full bath in my basement with a septic system.
I have jack hammered out a path for the 3 inch waste from the toilet with a 3 inch stack that will rise into the floor joists and travel about 7 feet horizontaly in a joist pocket to the current stack that travels through the roof.
The 2 inch trap and line will connect to a tee in the 3 inch waste from the toilet for the tub drain and the lavatory will dump into the 3inch stack in the wall behind the toilet.
I have a 30 inch deep basin from Flo-Tech and a 1/2 HP sewage pump also from Flo-Tech. The basin is into the ground below floor level (what a joy to accomplish), but I hit water about 10 inches below the floor. I pumped and dug, pumped and dug until I was able to get the top edge of the basin level with the floor.
The basin has a 4 inch inlet about 12 inches below the floor to run the drain line into.
It also has a 2 inch vent and discharge. The discharge will rise about 4 feet to the septic system where it goes outside and the vent would rise to the joists and run vertically under a couple of joists and then tap into the 3 inch stack from the toilet line.
My questions are as follows:
1. Is it OK to run vent lines vertically in joist pockets to the 3 inch stack that runs from the upstairs main waste line to the roof?
2. The 3 inch stack that runs from the main floor waste line to the roof also drains the lavatory directly above the proposed basement bath room. There is a 1.5 inch trap tapped into this vent stack on the main floor. Is this ok to vent the basement bathroom? I hate the idea of running a seperate vent from the basement to the roof.
3.What are the "standard measurements" for the drain location in relation to the walls for the toilet and the bath tub? I have yet to erect the walls, so I have some flexibility here.
Any and all help from the pros would be greatly appreciated....Master of None.

plumber Tom

05:57PM | 09/07/03
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I'm trying to visualize your project. I don't like the idea of using tee's to pick up the shower and tub drains. Most codes don't allow tee's placed on their backs. Use a wye and a 45 (combo) You run the risk of sucking out the trap of the lav drain on the 1st floor if you don't vent it above that fixture. maybe you can run a seperate vent to the outside wall (rather then running a seperate vtr) You have to check local codes, or if you don't have a permit, ask a plumber friend. The usual rough in off the wall for the water closet is 12". Add additional for drywall, tile , etc. So if u had 1/2" drywall and 1/8" tile your rough in measurement would become 12 and 5/8" etc;etc. You sound like your on the right track. Good luck with the new bathroom, and I'm sure it will add some value to your home..........Tom

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