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11:58PM | 04/16/04
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There is a huge difference is materials and labor...outside, we haul all dirt/clay away,seal all cracks/openings around gas lines that enter a wall etc with hydraulic cement,apply thickest tar over entire wall w/visqueen over that,top to bottom end to end,replace any tiles that are broken along the footing and backfill w/100% peastone from footing all the way up and put about 4-6 inches of top soil at grade.Say a homeowner needs 1 wall waterproofed and that wall is 30' long and 6' deep to footing/tiles.We`ll have that hand dug in 2-3 hours..18" inches wide is all we need. We would charge about $2,100 for that job & it will take 1 day to complete. An average size home we could do for approx 7,000-8,000...Most inside companies charge 6,000-13,000 for average size house.I don`t know where this talk about the outside method being so much more expensive comes from..except from people like G Haege...who continually pushes the inside method..all the time..he says the outside method costs so much more,he says the outside method ruins the landscaping,he says it is almost always not necesssary,he says most people cannot afford it,he says the inside system will give your basement "Clean quality breathable air"??? How so? The inside method does not stop water/moisture from entering the walls so it can never stop mold/efflorescence! Is mold "Clean quality breathable air"? LOL! The outside method is not more costly! The outside method will not ruin your landscaping(long as you hire someone who knows what the heck their doing),the outside method is necessary to STOP water from entering through cracks(will prevent mold/efflorescence) etc and it takes hydrostatic pressure off the entire wall,from dirt and roots that can crack and push a wall.And Haege says most people cannot afford it..What? They can afford the inside method which costs as much if not more? They can afford to redo the basement(new carpet,new drywall,new this & that)..but it doesnt make sense to spend the money necessary to protect all their new goodies? G Haege doesnt know what he should know about basement waterproofing & foundations! Haege will not debate me in any public forum....WHY??? Think about it! And dont forget Haege`s buddy of 18 years from Midwest waterproofing who he almost always has on his show prefers the inside method...he also use to pump Everdry until they got sued in a few states..these inside companies prefer the inside method cuz its LESS Costly to THEM! And less labor intensive! For instance,Everdry pays their guys $77 per 10 hour day..they have alot less dirt to haul away,they use alot less peastone,they dont use tar,hydraulic cement,etc and pay their guys alot less...yet...charge the homeowners as much if not MORE than an outside method! I think you can figure out where all the extra cash is going.I pay my guys 200-300 a day,have much more materials to pay for and have just as much if not more in insurance costs,builders registrations,permits etc.Who`s screwing who? And many of these inside companies will talk homeowners into doing more work than needed...and keep calling many homeowners back soon after they gave the initial estimate,trying to pressure and hurry the homeowners into letting them begin the job..unbelievable..and Haege backs these kinds of companies?


12:33AM | 04/17/04
1)Can hydrostatic pressure on the outside of a wall cause a wall to crack or even buckle? 2) Will having an Inside method installed take hydrostatic pressure off the entire outside of a basement wall? 3)If a homeowner has a crack or has bowing/movement on a wall caused from hydrostatic pressure,how will having an inside method installed prevent further movement/damage to the wall? 4)Wouldn`t having the wall excavated(hand dig) from the outside and backfilled with all peastone be a more senseable approach to help take pressure off the wall,since the pressure is on the OUTSIDE of the wall? 5)Does having an Inside method installed actually STOP water/moisture from entering through a crack that is on the outside of a wall,or does it rather divert the water that has already come through the crack,under the floor? 6)Will MOLD grow in-on basement walls from water-moisture? 7)Would it be wise,whenever possible,for a homeowner to eliminate all sources of water-moisture to prevent mold? 8)Isnt mold in a home an unhealthy environment for all,especially the elderly,children,those w/asthma,people who have a weakened immune system and pets? 9)Will an Inside method stop damp spots from occurring on basement walls? 10)Is it true that mold or efflorescence that is on my basement walls is there because water-moisture is entering from the outside through direct openings such as cracks in wall,tuckpointing or caulking needs? 11) Will any of your Topography techniques STOP-eliminate hydrostatic pressure that is against the entire outside of a basement wall? 12)How will your Topography hints stop water-moisture from entering a wall through vertical,horizontal cracks that exist 5-7' below ground? 13)Since there is always movement in soil underground and pressure against a wall,how will an epoxy injection in a crack possibly hold together through time? 14) Can a sump pump stop water from entering a wall through cracks or does it rather simply control the level of water underneath the floor? 15)How on Gods green earth did you come up with your determination that the outside method is more than 2X as costly vs the inside method? I could go on and on.....enough!


03:39PM | 06/03/04
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You sound like you know what you are talking about. To bad you don't live in Canada. I would hire you to do my basment.


01:18PM | 06/04/04
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Yeaterday the folks with everdry gave me a visit and looked at my cement block foundation(got some water problems)any way they tried to sell me an interior and exterior package for the low? cost of 12,000 dollars and told me if I would sign the contract today they would take $2000 off.Well I work hard for my money and told them that I wanted to get 2 more estemates Before I considered any thing of course thier price was only good for today.This morning I went to the bbb website only to find that they have 56 complaints filed against them in my area.Are you located anywhere near NE Indiana Licencedwaterproofer? I sure could use an expert.

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