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12:59PM | 01/16/05
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I have large amounts of standing water in my back yard when it rains heavely and also pretty much from the months of Nov till march. My sump pump in my basement runs often. I have had a few contractors come in and give me some quotes on fixing the problem. One guy, who I think I may go with, suggested putting a pump in the back yard with a 4" pipe to the front ditch to drain. Said it would work very similar to my sump pump in the house and would probably not only get rid of most of the water in my back yard but also help with the pump in the house not to run all of the time. Any thoughts on this type of system? He said they do it on farm land all the time. I would have a small grate in the back yard I would have to contend with. Thanks


10:15AM | 01/17/05
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If you live in an area that is cold. Take precautions against the pump drain to the ditch freezing, also put in a high water alarm in the pump chamber, it will alert you that the pump failed while you can still get to it on foot. C.


02:41AM | 01/19/05
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Just from a long term maintenance point, I would avoid pumps. It might be cheaper to avoid the cost of pump, wiring, and electricity. Is it possible to lay a pipe that would drain without a pump?


03:35AM | 01/19/05
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I agree, simple would be better and probably cheaper short term as well as long term. I live on a 2 acre farm lot that I have been told is the lowest lot on the street. No where to really pipe it out to other than to the street. It is so low in the back that you really need a pump to do it, I believe. To bring dirt in and shape it I would probably need about 30+ loads of dirt and would also have to raise my 20 X 40 shed that has a concrete slab up about 18 inches.


07:01PM | 02/01/05
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I've been doing landscaping for the past ten years and I agree with some of the other posts, simple is better. I would first look into drain tile, that is only if the area u are wanting to send the water two is lower than the backyard, the law of gravity can really make a simple fix a very difficult one. If the backyard is higher, my suggestion would be using 4" SDR35 rigid PVC pipe along with a series of catch basins to collect the water and then remove it from the area. Check out this site for products.

Some people may have told u to use black corrugated flexible drain pipe, I would stay away from this due to the problem of debris building up inthe grooves of the pipe. If there is not enough drop to accomplish removal with drain tile, then if your soil type is good maybe a french drain system might work. Any questions drop me a line.

Good luck,

Brian Csukas


10:55AM | 08/07/14
The perfect fix for standing water is the parjana system. Look to earthbound innovations llc.


08:56AM | 04/12/15
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