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05:39PM | 08/20/03
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I want to build a garden shed for my yard, but I'm not quite sure what size I should use. My concern isn't so much usable space, as it is having an enormous monstrosity in my yard.

Anyway, being depth-perception challenged, I was hoping for sizing recommendations. My yard is 16' wide by 28' deep. One side has a 3' wide stretch of gardening area. The rest is concrete.

Any recommendations?



02:21AM | 08/25/03
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Well, it doesn't really sound like there's a lot of 'garden' room in your backyard. So, one assumes that you don't have a wheelbarrow and lawnmower and other such items to store, right?

First things first...take stock of what you want this shed to store. What is it that you want this shed to do? Having a shed just for the sake of having a shed might not suit your needs without a little prior planning. Make a list. If you're lookng at just a few pots and a very few small garden tools, then you might be able to deal with a shed as small as 3'x6', or 4'x 6'. Neither would look too obtrusive and could be placed in a corner of the yard. Is the yard fenced?

If your list includes garden furniture, then take the time to stack your furniture in a fashion that you might if you had a small shed to store it in. Then measure how much room it takes up. Assume that you might be able to 'hang' some items from the underside of the roof.

Once you've made your list and taken stock of your space needs, then do a little travelling around your area to retail places that sell sheds. Pick a style that pleases you, get a lists of available sizes, and then go home. Measure out the size you think you might want on the ground right where you might place it, think about it, and then make your decision.

Small sheds for a yard your size can be purchased quite reasonably, unless you're into carpentry and want to try building yourself.

Oh, almost want potting space, too, right? If you think in terms of a rectangular shaped shed with a door in the middle of the long side, then put your storage needs to one side, and potting to the other. Many shed manufacturers outfit their small sheds with potting tables these days for a few dollars more.

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08:04PM | 11/06/14
I saw an amazing garden tool shed the other day based on a popular lean to shed design from Europe. The maker is "Original Shelter" and its a smaller shed measuring 6 x 4 and has swing out doors and a lean-to roof.

The lean-to design is a bit different than the US lean to shed. The US lean to shed is a shed or structure that leans against a wall or home and looks like it was meant to be there. The european "lean too" is a design that is freestanding and lean to refers to the design of the shed.

For the diyer looking for a unique shed design, the European Lean too might be ideal.

I believe the only color available at this time is a white with a green roof. The shed front above the doors looks like a piece of "stained glass". This shed has character and charm!

Happy Building!
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04:15PM | 03/02/15
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It all comes down to budget. Its always best to go with a little extra space for unexpected items. For an extra large shed I'd recommend the Murryhill series by Arrow. These sheds come in different sizes and are vinyl coated steel with a roll up door. Their peak "gable roof" is traditional and attractive.

For a large storage shed, but not huge...I'd recommend the Handy Home Shed. Its built with a wood structure and comes in varied sizes ranging from a small 10x8 up to a 12x20 and more. Wood sheds are more costly than metal and vinyl, but can be customized to spec.

For a cheap metal shed, we come back to Arrow Sheds. They are affordable and come in sizes ranging from a small garden shed 4x7 lean to shed, up to large and extra large sizes.

I've included a vinyl shed for your reference and a link to the #1 storage shed dealer for all the major shed manufacturers. Hope this helps!

Storage Sheds For Sale online with FREE Shipping here:

Hope this helps Kelly with your storage shed needs!
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05:17PM | 02/15/16
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I found some great ideas for DIY project on

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