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03:26AM | 03/14/05
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We have been looking at houses, and one house has a mold problem in the attic. The owners are remediating the mold with a reputable company and then having air samples checked by a different company. The owners are also fixing problem (certain vents were covered with insulation) that supposedly caused the mold. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does this type of problem come back if remediated? I would appreciate any info that you could share. Thanks.


04:06AM | 03/20/05
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Mold occurs when moisture and organic material are introduced in a dark area. The mold will most likely come back if moisture is present or introduced back into the attic. You must ask why there was moisture present in the attic. Keep the attic ventilated and clean. Email me with any questions,


12:37PM | 03/22/05
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We recently encountered the same problem. When we inspected the attic, we found that each of the two bathroom fans were vented into the attic, and covered with blown-in insulation. We had both fans vented through the roof, and it appears that the problem "may" be resolved. Hopefully, when it begins to get hot over the next couple of months, that will be the end of the mold. Since there should be no more introduction of moisture (via the old vents directly into the attic) I hope this cures it. I'll let you know...


11:38AM | 03/25/05
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I work in a weatherization buisness and find alot of moldy attics!Including a recent home daycare attic that had major issues including mushrooms in the attic!! The Main problems we found were:

1.Soffit's that were sided over had no breather hole's cut.The siders had sided over the pre-existing wood slat soffits and did not install breather holes into the attic.

2.The soffits were filled with faced fiberglass batts.No air to get thru without holes in the soffit,the batts acted like sponges and soaked up the moisture and stagnated and was a perfect warm spot for tons of carpenter ants as well as Mold.

To fix this we:

1.Pulled the aluminum soffits out and cut and removed the now rotten wood and the soaked batts from around the front and rear(E,W sides of the house the north and south sides were pretty dry) Attached screening to keep critters out and let it dry out for about a week.

2. We installed new truss ends wherever they were to far gone to use,reinstalled the aluminum soffits with breather holes spaced for the best results.

3.Installed durovents at every other joist cavity and prepped the rest of the attic for insulation.

Hoped this helped

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