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06:28AM | 11/22/05
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I'm a new homeowner, so some of these possible "little things" worry me a lot.

When we first moved in 1.5 years ago, our Sump Pump well was bone dry. It remained so for nearly an entire year. Then this Spring, we noticed that our sump pump well was constantly filling with water, and was kicking on the pump every day or two.

This quickly became a problem, as our back yard and brick walkway was constantly full of standing water. Our discharge hose runs about 15 feet outside of our house, but due to our flat yard, water pools quickly (and deeply!)

We first thought that this water was due to some gardening we did in the back yard. We tilled up a 15' x 4' area just outside of our house and added some peat and topsoil for a garden. Before, this area had only 3 tomato plants and was covered by that black ground cloth under the mulch, and the soil had a LOT of clay. We though that by tilling up the ground and adding looser soil, we allowed water to more easily flow through the ground and into our sump pump well.

I eventually got a 30' sump pump hose extension and ran the water out past my yard and far away from our house in order to keep my yard dry. This worked well, but it is now nearly December, and I live in Illinois. We haven't had rain in a long time, yet our well is STILL filling with water and kicking the pump on every other day. I've been forced to remove my sump pump extension due to freezing weather.

What could be causing this much water to fill my sump pump well, even in the winter? I don't notice any neighbors with sump pumps running this often.


10:30AM | 11/22/05
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with no water being used in the house..put your ear to your main water line and listen for it hissing, as if you were using water..possible broken water line if neighbors pumps are not running as much..or artesian well has shifted your way in the clay as an alternate problem...

every day or two is not bad.but when it has been dry is allways a concern.. some pumps run every hour.

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07:57AM | 11/28/05
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Thanks. Any more suggestions or thoughts from others in the forum? I can't seem to hear any hissing in the line that would suggest a leak.


04:41AM | 12/07/05
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Ive seen pumps go every 2 minutes! I've been in basements with 4 sump pumps. Clay soil is almost un-permeable. This is the reason for the standing water. Watch that long length of line, this can freeze in the winter. Your cycling seems minimal. C.


09:26AM | 10/29/16
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We have lived in our new home for 2 years. The sump pump never ran. We even thought maybe it did not work. Then all of the sudden a week ago we saw water around the perimeter of the basement and around the pump. The pump was running occasionally and increasing as time went by. It is really a sewage pump, so the contractor and the plumber came over and said a spring must have opened up at our home. This has not happened to any other neighbors. So he put holes in the side of the pump to "activate" the sump pump part of the system. Now the water has finally dried up in the basement, but the pump still running every 3 minutes. Where could this water be coming from. Not using any extra water. Have you heard of this after being totally dry for 2 years? We are so worried and don't know what to do next.

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