09:21AM | 12/31/05
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I keep smelling a stagnant smell in my house. I think there is moisture in the walls. How do I stop this. Is it my roof or is it my insulation . What the heck do I do. It smells bad. How do I stop this? I am going to install more insulation in the attic. Who do I call to give me an assessment. Thanks.


05:07PM | 01/03/06
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Don't know if this will help, but it's been my experiance that most stagnant smells in a house come from the basement or crawlspace. You might try checking out the crawlspace to see if there is any plastic down over the dirt. My old house always had a stagnant smeel to it when I first moved in, but I put down plastic in the crawlspace over the dirt and the smell is now gone. My crawlspace is also a lot drier now. Also, if you have a basement check to see if the are any areas where there is water seeping through or any areas where there is soil exposed. It doesn't take much moisture or exposed soil to create a musty smell throughout the whole house. Hope this helps.


09:17AM | 01/04/06
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Age of house and what kind of basement. HVAC is a very important thing in a house. Just adding more insulation into your roof may or may not help. I am going to say not. People need to keep in mind that your house needs to breath. Do you have problems with moisture on your windows? Sounds like you could have a number of problems. You will need to get expert help in this. Check the yellow pages. ;)


03:51AM | 01/05/06
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Yes the house has moisture. Who do I call? I do have a HVAC system.


04:43AM | 01/05/06
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Yes the house has moisture. I think this house is more than I can handle. All I know is that we always have a sore throat. I just do not know where to begin . Do I need contractor. Do I need insulation? So frustrated here.


07:53AM | 01/05/06
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Were to start the yellow pages. If you have water problem in the basement call some in for the basement. Maybe there is a crack and wateris coming in. Or there is a damp proof problem with the walls. Is your basement finished?

I would call a furnace person to have a look. but would be last. I am thinking a two speed fan to pull some fresh air in.

You have a problem with water coming in to your house or a problem with vapour barrier. And you are not allowing moisture out. What does your attic look like? Frosstie wet?


01:29PM | 01/05/06
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I think that when the hot air is meeting the cool air I am getting condensation. Does that mean I need new windows. I was told by several people that I do need insulation. Well the heater and the boiler were red tagged by the gas company but I thought I got that fixed. I had the gas company check it twice but we still get the headaches. Anyway lots of issues. THanks for responding.


06:13PM | 01/05/06
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We all would like to help. Please provide more specifics.

I) Do you have insulation against your roof sheathing?

2) Do you have basement, crawl space or on a slab?

3) Do you have overhangs on your roof? Are they stuffed with insulation?

4) Are your vents clogged? Check all vents - there are ones for gas furnaces, gas water heaters and also ones for the stink pipes (pipes to let out air of your plumbing).

5) If you have a basement, is it finished and mold growing against the drywall?

6) Are all entryways to water against your windows and overhang caulked against water running down into the outside walls?

Stagnent smells come from houses not breathing but the questions are: where is the air getting trapped?

Answer the above and you'll probably get your answer from someone.


06:53AM | 01/06/06
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1) I dont know. The insulation guy is coming the end of the month.

2) I have a finished off basement

3) I have overhangs on the roof. Not sure if they have insulation or not.

4) I have had the plumber and gas company check the vents, said ok

5) The basement is finished. There is knotty pine wood on the walls and yes there is mold at the base of the walls.

6) I will check out the walls for leaks.
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