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06:15AM | 01/26/07
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I would like to make my 'basement' a 'living lower level' by partitioning a few rooms, utility, office, etc. Now, I read/heard there is a new product that will resist dampness, mold/mildew in framing the new rooms. Something to use in place of wood that does not absorb moisture as wood does. Or was that a dream I had?



07:40AM | 01/26/07
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I don't know of anything NEW to replace wood structures.

But steel studs and tracts have been around a long time.

But there is a new style of drywall that does not use paper for a facing. Rather is uses a fiberglass "cloth". The paperless drywall does not have any paper so that it does not support mold.


04:49AM | 01/27/07
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Thanks, Corning has the fiberglass system to re-do basements. Do you know if the fiberglass product can be purchased from a home builder store or exclusively from them?

I attended a home builders show and saw the system they have, appeared to be very costly. Buckets


05:47AM | 01/27/07
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I was particularly comment on you design to PARTION off section. Those would be internal walls. AFAIK the COrning system are for outside walls. Don't know if they use convential framing on interior walls are what.

The Corning system is propirtery and only availble through their franchices.

But for outside walls the same holds true of using metal studs and paperless DW. But you can use pressure treated lumber. BUT IF YOU DO MAKE SURE THAT CORROISION RESISTANT FASTENERS ARE USED.

But look at these articles on how to insulation and control moisture on the walls.

The common FG bat insulation is just a sponge for holding water.


09:28AM | 02/19/07
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Hi Billhart,

Been searching the net and have spent hours on the Sani-Tred site.

I am so impressed, will be checking it out in depth.

Are you familiar with this 'sounds too good to be true', product?

Could be the answer to all the lower level problems.

Thanking you in advance.



10:52AM | 02/19/07
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Don't know anything about it.


06:23AM | 02/20/07
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I believe this product has been discussed before. The threads may be gone due to Libel. Try the search engine on


09:41PM | 04/10/07
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Question for gentleman asking about mold/resistant drywall. Do you have an existing condition of moisture in your basement or just want to get this drywall as precautionary measure. If you have existing moisture (having to run a dehumidifier and when doing so collecting water is an indication of possible moisture problem) it might be a good idea to fix your moisture problem (if you have one) before it gets worse and before you finish your basement. If you do have/and then fix possible moisture problem with a system that will drain the builtup water from your walls which is possibly what is causing moisture, you can then use regular drywall and have confidence it will not be damaged by moisture.


08:09PM | 04/28/07
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I too have been all over the net and have spent some hours at the Sani-Tred site. I also was impressed and I placed an order today. I am wondering if you did get it and how it worked out for you.



01:33PM | 08/09/18
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Johh brown
It is common fact, when there is moisture, the wood must affected with it. So I will prefer you to use metal studs. Apart from moisture prevention, metal stud has other advantages to - it is fire resistant, cheaper than wood stud, light in weight and also easy to install.

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