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02:29PM | 05/24/07
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I live on the second story of a garage apartment in a small area, bascially one room with a separate bathroom and the kitchen slightly separated from the rest of the living quarters by a mid-height wall. I have a box fan next to a screened vent up in the attic which runs all the way across the living quarters. There is another screened vent at the other end of the attic. I can access the fan through a hole in the kitchen ceiling. The hole in the ceiling is right above the kitchen windows. The kitchen is on the sunny side of the house, the southern exposure and gets quite hot in the summer. (I close the blinds in there when the sun really heats things up.)

My question is: what is the most effective way to to cool the house with this fan? Should I leave the access hole in the kitchen ceiling open or closed? If I leave the hole open I can draw air out of my rooms but I suspect that causes less draw for the air in the attic. I think that part of the heat that builds up in there during the day radiates through the ceiling, heating my rooms, so I'd like to have the fan work the most efficiently.

Any tips would be appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.


John L

PS I am using a regular room box fan. I have left it up in the unheated attic all year round. Is it likely to suffer damage, it being a possible fire hazard is my big concern, by my having left it up in the attic all year 'round?


05:22AM | 05/25/07
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This is out of my area of knowledge, but I can tell you that most household box fans are not designed to move large volumes of air like a dedicated attic fan. Nor are they meant for continuous use. You can check out attic fans a I think this would be a good start. Moving higher volume of air would be a good place to start.

I would think exhausting the air out of the attic is key.

Pulling cooler air into your living area would be best if you do not wish to use an air conditioner.

Given the nature of your living space, it seems you will be fighting a tough battle.

Let us know what ends up working for you.


06:24AM | 05/25/07
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Thanks for the reply. I am very careful about how long I let it run. I would never let it run all the time. There are very few things that I plug in that I leave on all the time... Something like this big fan, I would only use as needed.

The fan is set to push air out of the vent. I can change its direction. It seems to make more sense to suck hot air out rather than pump hot air in during the day, although maybe at night it may make sense to push the cooler night air into the attic...

Thanks for any help.



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